Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'll Wear White If I Want, Thank You - With Aqua and Killer Sequins

Greetings and salutations! It's late (the frickin' frackin' newsletter rears its ugly head), and I'm exhausted. Let's get this show on the road.
More white! In the form of this slightly-off-white-but-still-distinctly-in-the-white-family-perhaps-a-cousin-once-removed blazer.

I've had this blazer nearly 6 years, I think. It's been around almost since I started this blog. And today, it's in the giveaway pile. I have another off-white blazer (this one, worn with a fur scarf over it) that has more visual interest. This one is a little on the snug side, and it's getting a bit worn.

Thank you, white jacket, for all of your years of service. I last wore it here in June with pink and bark.
The aqua top is sleeveless, and nice and loose. Gotta love that cowl neck. I last wore it here in July with yellow and purple plaid.

And the skirt. Killer, isn't it? It's long thin sequins, thickly sewn on - it's heavy. I've only worn it once, here in April with purple tights. Can you believe I thrifted it for $16.95 (it's J. Crew) with the original $275 price tags on it? Crazy!
Tights are going to be key with this skirt. See how it hits right at the back of my knees? Yeah, by the end of the day, the backs of my knees were raw and puffy red from the little weeny bits of plastic micro-cutting me. Okay, I'll only be wearing this skirt with tights from now on...or I won't be wearing it for a 12-hour workday. That's probably a good idea too.

The stuff:
I loved how these orange pumps popped in the outfit. I last wore them here in August with morange and blue. No morange lipstick today.

Copper bling:
I like copper with white. Must shake it up a bit for the rest of this week.

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (Cleo, thrifted), skirt (J. Crew, thrifted), shoes (Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog), cuff/earrings (Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J's), pin (vintage, thrifted), ring (vintage, Grandma J's).


  1. Wonderful jewellery, and the skirt is fabulous, despite being a little sore on the knees... Hope it doesn't wreck your tights when you wear it again! xxx

  2. Pink 'n' Bark, wasn't that the name of a band in the '90s?
    I love that you wore a sequin skirt to work, but those little glittery disks are vicious little suckers it turns out. I wouldn't have guessed. Looks great though.

  3. Shame that the skirt is a bit painful! It's really very pretty, I hope wearing tights solves the problem! :)

  4. Super skirt...I see these in thrift stores and wonder "where would I ever wear that?" Now I know. ..wherever I damn well please! Just don't snag your tights!

  5. Fabulous sequined skirt (can you believe the deal??. I like copper with white too. xox

  6. The skirt is kick ass fabulous !
    I remember when you bought it- I love how you made it work for daytime and work.

  7. Hello lovely Sheila! How gorgeous you look- and those oj shoes looks simply delicious!

  8. You have the best luck in the thrift/consignment stores! The shiny skirt is a fabulous find, even if it did some damage to the backs of your knees - I wonder if the shiny bits will get caught on a pair of tights?

  9. oh yeah, love your aqua top and killer sequins and white jacket and orange shoes, love the fabulous color combo, the textures and love how you wear it with usual sassiness!!!


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