Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Leaf Me Alone

Wee! I went out for drinks after work with some coworkers, so I am mildly sauced and apt to say crazy things. That's just how I roll.
As I near the end of my spring/summer season, I'm testing out items I haven't worn much to see if I still want to keep them. This outfit is an amalgam of said items. It's also full of flowers and leafs, hence my terrible title pun.

The top is handmade, thrifted and vintage, however, I feel I've gotten enough out of it at this point. Time to let it go into the giveaway pile. I last wore it here in April in a rather "meh" outfit with pink.
The green lame (lah-MAY!) skirt is a keeper. I adore it. When do you ever see a green shiny lace skirt like this? Answer: never. I last wore it here again in April with daffodil yellow.
I did wear a vintage full slip that peeked out at the hem all day. I don't mind that when the hem is pretty. You can see a bit of it in the top picture.

The stuff:
Although one of my coworkers and I had a good time riffing off "Ramon" and rolling our Rs, these shoes are gonzo. Too stiff, they rub and well, while they are cool, they just aren't comfy enough for me. So buh-bye. Won't miss you. I last wore them here with my emerald culottes (and they didn't look that good there either) in May.

6:30 PM bling:
The light is coming in at an odd angle in the den and brushing across the tops of all my stuff. Yes, same belt two days in a row! The jewelry is all vintage, including the fairly new-to-me leafy earrings.

Top (handmade, vintage 60s, thrifted), skirt (Alfred Sung, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Ramon Tenza, thrifted), belt (Kudos, thrifted), green bracelet (Mom's, vintage 60s), other bracelet (Trifari, vintage 60s, Grandma J), earrings (vintage 60s, thrifted).


  1. I think I agree with your assessments this time. The jewellery is to die for! Now I will leaf you in pieces. Xo JJ

  2. Leafy and lovely. I agree, that skirt is a star and you look great wearing it. You've taught me to let my good-looking slip hems peek out!

  3. Yes this skirt is fab!! I do like the top, but I can understand you wanting to be done with it! Sounds like a fun evening with your co-workers!

  4. Anything labeled "meh" is ready to move on (or out). The shoes...yup, very cool. I especially liked them with the black leather jacket and white poufy skirt a few posts back. But, I'm with you. Shoes that KILL your feet can't stick around. No ensemble, no matter how FABULOSO, is any fun to wear if your dogs are howling! The skirt...can't WAIT to see how you funk THIS up in the near future! I love your style and the way you combine things so non-matchy-matchy!

  5. I like that outfit. The skirt is killin' it - so cool!! Too bad the shoes hurt. I have had some that are fabulous to look at, but torture chambers, so they had to go. Usually, it's the toe area.


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