Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ruffled Orange Leopard

Today's outfit features a blast from the past.
This leopard cardigan! How much different could it be from yesterday's?

I've had this for a few years (here's the first time I wore it in 2011) - picked it up at the Patch for cheap, wore it a few times and then not much lately. However, I really liked wearing it today...so maybe it will last one more spring/summer. I last wore it here in July 2013.
"If I'm not the subject of your pictures, I'm leaving."
I've layered it over this dark orange dress - I quite liked the effect of having a swingy full skirt, but having the overall coverage of a dress.
Don't recognize the dress? I last wore it here on its own with magenta, pink and purple (and red!) in August.

The stuff:
It's a long day today - a full day of work, and then I'm off to my WW meeting in a few minutes, home about 8pm. I need comfy shoes for that. I last wore these here in August with pink leather.

Gold bling:
My new-to-me leather belt was awesome. My earrings are mismatched, did you notice? I lost the mate of the first pair (a gift from L), then he bought me a replacement pair...and I promptly lost one of them. So they sort of match...right?

Cardigan (Twelve Layers, thrifted), dress (Land's End, consignment), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), belt (Kudos, thrifted), wrist-wrap (local), earrings (gifts from L).


  1. What an interesting cardi! The belt comes across as gold. I had to enlarge it to check. I love your wrist wrap. And no I didn't notice the earrings were mismatched :-)

    1. The belt is sort of a bronze colour, with gold metallic accents - good eye!

  2. I really like the belt in this Sheila! :) I'd be a little lost if I should belt or not, with the detail on the cardi, but it just works so well on you, and with the flared skirt of the dress :)

  3. That's a smashing sweater you have there, S! For some reason, I too have a lot of pics of cat-butt. xox

  4. How interesting that this version of leopard print is all coppery, warm and golden, especially as worn with orange, while yesterday's incarnation was silvery and cool. Both are lovely! xxx

  5. I love everything about this look! I love the dress, but I feel it's really amped up with that awesome cardi!! Great look!

  6. I totally remember seeing yu wear this cardigan before - I have to say that I think this is it's best styling yet :)
    I absolutely love it with red and the nice touch with the gold belt. Priceless.

  7. Very cute. Come to think of it, I can't remember ever seeing you in a bad outfit. How do you manage to succeed so often?


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