Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red and Splattered

Although it's colder in the mornings, it's still lovely and warm summer temperatures here. Compared to poor Alberta and Saskatchewan, which have already had snow (zoiks!), I am pretty grateful for this nice sunshine. 
It also gives me a chance to get some more wear out of my summery clothes before packing them away in 2 weeks. I'll tell you right now: all of these items are keepers!

I love this bright tomato-y red blouse. I usually wear it tucked in at the waist (mostly so that I can clip my access card and keys to my waistline), but wore it out this time. The bottom is finished nicely with a band, so it doesn't look sloppy. I last wore it here in June with bright yellow - and these same shoes!
Surrendering the waist is a leap for me, especially because I am always afraid that if I do it too much it means I've given myself "permission" to gain back all the weight I lost 6-7 years ago. But I still work out, still watch what I eat and I'm still in my healthy weight range. Still, that fear is there. I was so unhappy then, when I was heavy.
But on to brighter and happier thoughts, like this fabulous "splatter" skirt! It's been a favourite for a few years, and was last worn here (last outfit) in July.

The stuff:
These shoes were a good purchase - super-comfortable, and that heel height is just right. They don't rub anywhere and the mod vibe about them appeals to me. I last wore them here in July with a festive skirt.

Plain ol' bling:
I wish this bracelet was jade, but it's just glass. I still like it.

Blouse (Planet, thrifted), skirt (handmade, thrifted), shoes (Liz Claiborne, antique store), bangle (thrifted), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Love that skirt! It seems like the never-ending summer, doesn't it? I'm glad it's getting cooler at night, though. It's going to feel so weird when I have to start wearing long pants again!

  2. I'd love to wear this outfit today - I love to surrender the waist, although I completely relate to your feelings about re-gaining the weight. I lost my extra weight 45 years ago, and I still think about it! But like you I try to focus on health and eating (mostly) healthy food. Chocolate is like salad, right? xox

  3. Gorgeous bright colours. I'm sure that surrendering the waist for one outfit won't mean you give up on healthy eating and exercise, so I don't think you have to worry! xxx

  4. Fabulous outfit -- I do love that skirt!

  5. Snow?!!!
    You look adorable in red, and we all know I love red! See
    Those shoes are very interesting. I've had to learn to surrender the waist due to IBS.
    You've had that skirt for a few years? You must love it! That's a lifetime for you!! :-D xo JJ

  6. Yep, the splatter skirt is indeed a keeper - I dont think you wore it much this summer.
    I do not know what I would do if I had to change wardrobes according to seasons, I mean I saw my mom do it for ages but its something difficult for me to imagine.


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