Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spreading My Sunshine

Although I'm not doing a dress week, I've been wearing a lot of dresses this week! 
Here we are with yet another dress with a layer under it. It's like a theme or something.

I've worn this yellow dress several times since I bought it just over 3 years ago. I last wore it here in July with Shoes My Husband Hates. This is probably the last wear before it's packed away.
Glorious colour, isn't it? It was grey and gloomy today, although warm - the sun tried to peek out, but sprinklings of rain did appear. It's not autumn yet!

Today, I layered this grey and white blouse under it. I am liking the menswear/androgynous look that's "in" for fall - since I have an uber-girly figure, it plays nicely on me. Plus, I have edgy hair!
The blouse was last seen here in August layered under my denim bustier. I'll keep it out for layering in cool weather - it's great under jackets.

The return of outer wear that isn't my jean jacket! It's slightly chilly in the mornings, so out come my fall coats.
This one was thrifted last year. I love the classic windowpane plaid (lined up beautifully), and the contrast of the sideways fabric at the empire waist. Plus pockets - gotta have pockets! It was really too warm for it, but it was nice to be "finished."

The stuff:
First wearing of these new-to-me shoes I picked up on the weekend, here, for $35.00. Verdict: surprisingly good! I was fearing that crackly-creaky feeling in my feet after wearing them all day - that's a pretty high heel for me these days (said granny). However, the pitch is good, and the chunky heel gave me good stability, and having them tie across my foot kept them from feeling precarious. The sole also bent, so they weren't too rigid. Yay!

Shiny bling:
I bought the belt buckle because "SW" are my initials. Imagine my surprise when the shop owner told me it stood for "Smith & Wesson"!

Dress (Calvin Klein), blouse (CAbi, consignment), shoes (Libby Edelmann, consignment), belt/buckle (Leather World), brooch (The Bay, 90s), ring (Stone Roses), earrings (don't remember).


  1. This is such a cool outfit - I love the play of the black and white against the bright yellow, and those shoes are fabulous!

  2. Once again you knocked one into the net! Those shoes are so gorgeous. And the blouse is lovely and foofy. Smith and Wesson? Howdy pardner! Yeeha! Xo JJ

  3. I LOVE those shoes! I've been looking for a similar pair; I think they're fabulous. Also, the Smith & Wesson belt buckle story cracks me up. It's a great buckled though!

  4. Love the bright yellow of the frock, your new shoes are great, and who doesn't need a gunslinger's belt?! xxx

  5. Gray and yellow or gold is one of my favorite color combinations. I almost wore it myself yesterday! Love those new shoes, and glad to hear they are more comfortable than they look. The coat is spectacular--I can see why you "pushed" wearing it a bit ahead of a real chill!

  6. It is indeed a glorious color, Sheila, and a great look top to toe. Love the shoes. xox

  7. Oh, I love that coat! Do you think it's of 1960's vintage? I love that windowpane check!

  8. No, it's modern! It's amazing what you can find.

  9. Love how you combined the blouse with the dress - it's a winner! Actually, I just love everything in this outfit - the coat is stunning, the shoes ere amazing! Details!! How you do it? Such a master!! xxx

  10. Love that bright yellow dress on you! That coat is beautiful too! I spent most of winter indoors or running from house to car to inside again with baby so I didn't get to wear my coats often, such a shame!


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