Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'll Wear White If I Want, Thank You - Zebra and Coffee

I'll be wearing white (with other colours) all week, in protest of the ages-old stupid rule that says, "No white after Labour Day." Yes, I will wear white if I want, thank you.

Today was rather hazardous. I got hit by a torrential downpour when I briefly stepped outside (we even had thunder briefly). I also dumped a full, wet, hot filter of coffee grounds all down the front of myself. No burns, but this skirt is toast and not in a delicious let's-put-butter-on-it kind of way. Folex got the worst out, but it's dingy. I'll throw it in the wash and see if it looks any better.

This jacket held up remarkably against the coffee. Well, that's what you get for pure wool. Good quality! I last wore this lovely jacket here in May with leopard.
Shockingly, my 100% silk blouse also survived, although with a little big of brown on the cotton threads at the seams. I'll toss it in the wash as well. The Folex did a great job on most of it, but I'd like it to be nice again. I last wore this blouse here in July with pants (pants!).
I like but don't love the skirt. I have affection for it that is see-saw. I love that it has pockets. It's a great zebra print. It's not lined. It's really short. It makes my hips look wide. I last wore it here in May with more white and brown.

The stuff:
My shoes got soaked in the rain, then got a load of hot coffee grounds dumped on them. The peeling of the inside is getting worse. I'm starting to leave little "gifts" around behind me. These are definitely not staying in my closet...but I might try to squeeze one more wear out of them before I pack everything away - they have gotten a lot of wear this year. I last wore them here just a week ago.

Copper bling:
Of everything I wore today, only the blouse (ruffles!) and the jewelry really made my heart sing. That should tell me something. All of the jewelry is from the 60s.

Jacket (Elie Tahari by Arthur C. Levine, thrifted), blouse (Tangerine Jill, thrifted), skirt (Plum), shoes (Aerosoles, thrifted), copper earrings (Renoir Matisse, Grandma J's, vintage 60s), chain cuff (Renoir, vintage 60s), small cuff (no marked, vintage 60s), big cuff (Renoir, Grandma J's, vintage 60s), enameled cuff (Matisse, vintage 60s).


  1. As I was getting dressed today I also thought about that stupid rule. I almost forced myself into white in protest, but went all black instead, matching the rain. But you have my support all the way. I wish we had your thunder.
    When you say that you like the skirt except, except, except, yeah, time to go, but you look great in it just the same.

  2. Oh dear...pooing shoes! We can't have that, even if it is white! That blouse is aymayzing! Glad you got most of the stain out. Reminds me of a new white linen shirt I wrecked when the car engine boiled over with antifreeze last Summer. Funnily, it's never been the same again. I wonder why?
    Hope yours survives :-) xo JJ

  3. Oh no I'm glad that yo didn't burn yourself with the coffee and it just got your clothes! Hopefully you can get the skirt back to 100% again.

    What's folex? We don't have it here I don't think, as clumsy as I am I'm sure I'd have come across such a good product to remove stains haha!

  4. I don't even think of the fashion rules... Not because I'm so rebellious or anything, they just don't cross my mind. I am starting to notice though that I have a natural tendency to change colors/fabrics/styles as the seasons change---now that I live somewhere where there are actual seasons!

  5. A rugged day on your wardrobe, Sheila! I ruined a pretty circle skirt of mine by dumping a full cup of (my own) coffee down the front, aarrggh. Glad the wool jacket and silk blouse are going to make it. Great bling, xox

  6. Oh no, a bit of a tough day for your clothes! Hope everything can be salvaged, since you look great! xxx

  7. I have to admit I am a fan of this skirt, but agree on it being a little wide and not very flattering on your figure.
    Sorry to hear that you spilled coffee on your clothes. Last time I spilled coffee was during a meeting, on the table and on my customers :(

  8. sorry for that accident with the coffee, wish you recover your clothes after washing!
    And I'm glad you're wearing white all week long, and all the times you like. I'm not a huge fan of rules (even rules that really aren't my business) so I'm enjoying all your white week!
    Your bijouterie is absolutely stunning!


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