Monday, September 22, 2014

Chartreuse Rockin' Monday

This coming weekend is my Big Closet Changeover for the season! I'm excited - it's a full-day epic clean-out (I even get out the vacuum and get the far reaches of my closet clean!). 
This will be the last wear of the season for this dress - the short cuffed sleeves mean that I can't layer a jacket or cardigan over it, and it doesn't work with a shirt layered under it's limited to spring/summer.

I love the colour of this dress - it pops really well with black, burgundy, leopard and cobalt blue. I last wore it here (3rd outfit) in June with weekend hair.
You might have noticed me "saving" some of my new-to-me purchases - it's still too darned hot to wear jackets and thick fabrics! I did want to wear this thrifted silk scarf, though.
I liked how it popped off the chartreuse of the dress.

The stuff:
And if I was doing a bit of yellow in the scarf and gold in the mixed metal on the belt, then yeah, I'm going to do yellow shoes! Also, my ankles are still achy from my collision on the field on Saturday. I last wore these Kraft Dinner shoes here to kick off a fun party weekend in August. They always get packed away for fall/winter.

Rockin' bling:
Must wear all the studs!

Oops, forgot to take my earrings out.
There they are. I also wore all of my spinner rings today!

Dress (CiCi), shoes (Tsubo), belt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), studded cuff (homegrown vintage), leather cuff (Guess, thrifted), scarf (Oscar de la Renta, thrifted), rings/earrings (all local).


  1. Lovely with the scarf! Lovely rings too. And I really loved this dress with maroon - wonderful, very striking!

  2. Oh love the way you've accessorised the dress with the scarf and belt! :) Really nice outfit.

    One day I'm going to have to go through my box of "after pregnancy" clothes that I tided out of the way when I stopped fitting into them during pregnancy, I should set aside a lot of time and clean out my wardrobe as I do so like you do each season! :)

  3. Love the colour and fit of this dress, Sheila, and of course yellow shoes and a little splash of Oscar de la Renta help too! xxx

  4. This is my favorite color ever - you look fab in this dress and I love your spinner rings (I have one too). xo

  5. I did the big closet clean out a couple of weeks ago, it felt so good to get that done!

    I love this dress, it's transitioning nicely to Fall with the accessories you chose!

  6. I think this is a beautiful dress but I am all about the ODLR scarf !
    I am currently working on a closet clean out that will include formal wear - I have been holding on to a lot of unnecessary clothing.
    I think you have the best excuse in change of seasons to do this !

  7. The accessories certainly make this understated chic dress a whole different creature, a good one. I hope you pointed out the scarf brand to everyone at hand and told them how much you paid. Or not. I'm never sure if that's a good idea. Good going on the closet overhaul. Isn't there a reality show about this?


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