Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Major Red

Late night, tired, want to couch-surf...
Today was my company's global "everyone goes for a walk" thing (we do this annually), and of course, I am the walk leader. We had a colour theme this year - wear red - so I had to go all out and be really really VISIBLE. I am all about the visible, right, Patti?

I'm not packing away this major red dress - it's a year-round dress that I like to layer shirts under in cooler weather.
It's about as close to classic as you get. I've had it for a few years, and last wore it here in July with birds.
I ran back and forth along our walk route in these shoes, directing 40+ people on where they had to go next. It was fun, but it's emotionally exhausting to be so rah-rah.

The stuff:
The above pictures were taken this morning when I was wearing my micro-fishnet nylons (Hue makes the best, IMO), however, they snagged on these shoes, so I took 'em off (the nylons, not the shoes). The shoes are going to be packed away, since they have declared themselves a "no tights zone". No tights for you! I last wore these flats here in August to the Ulty field.

Shiny bling:
A bronze-y belt and my weird animal necklace (elephants, goats, dragons, a snake).

Dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted), belt (Kudos Leather, thrifted), earrings (don't remember).

I will be back on the weekend! I've got a couple of events tomorrow night and Friday night with fun outfits to share. I also got my hair cut tonight after work and am dyeing it right now. Parts of my head...were shaved!


  1. Woo hoo! Red and shaved head! You're entering my world! Welcome! I hope you will stick around a while :-) xo JJ

  2. Love the red and gold, shame about your tights though.

    Looking forward to seeing your new hair do, it sounds exciting! :)

  3. LOL at "no tights for you!" You look glorious in true red, and yes, you are Visible in the very best way. xox

  4. Visible the best way possible !
    That is a beautiful dress, fits your shape perfectly.

  5. Beautiful red dress! I love the classic cut with the bang of the colour. No soup, no tights, what's next?! Can't wait to see your hair.

  6. That is an EXCELLENT red dress. Will be curious to see your hair - are we going to be hair twins?


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