Monday, September 29, 2014

Casual Sunday and Autumn Monday

Sunday was such a gorgeous day - I wasn't out for very long, but I did go get groceries. 
I wore this all day (sans boots in the house), it was so comfy. And it was so sunny, I didn't even need a coat.

I parted my hair on the other side to hide the shaved part - testing it out for work where the shaving is maybe a titch too much?
The dress was last seen here (way down after our travel pics) for brunch out after we returned from our annual trip to Vancouver.
It's not the most flattering this way, but it sure was comfy! Did I mention...comfy?

The stuff:
Cowboy boots, 'cause that's how I roll (plus they go with all my red accessories). I last wore them here in August.

Dress (Kensie, consignment), boots (1883 Lucchesse, consignment), cuff (Rimanchik), earrings (thrifted).

Look who decided to camo himself in the fresh warm laundry!
"Shhh, I'm on a stakeout."
All cats love warm laundry. It's a fact.

This week is guaranteed to be insane for me. I'm trying to dive right in and wear some of my new-to-me things (there are a bunch of them waiting). This coat had to be first.
I actually left the coat on all day and wore it like a jacket. It's lined but very lightweight. I wouldn't wear it on a cold day.

Of course, I bought it here this weekend for $35.00.
It was fabulous to wear! I loved how it billowed out behind me (like a superhero cape!).

I wore my orange sleeveless Michael Kors blouse under it (last seen here in June).
My brown lace skirt is out of storage and back in rotation. I hem and haw about it every year, but I've had it for close to 7 years and it's still here. I last wore it here - whoa! in February 2013 (I have blonde hair!). Hmmm...I didn't wear it all of last winter, not even once. Well, then I guess it's fitting that it's the first worn item for fall.

It started pouring rain right before I left for work, so I added my hat, my fluffy fur scarf and my brown leather gloves.
And now it's sunny. I carried it all home again.

The stuff:
I know, aren't they amazing shoes? I've had them for several years and they are getting a little beat up. I last wore them here in March with concrete.

Copper bling.
All vintage, all much-loved.

Coat (handmade, vintage 50s/60s), blouse (Michael Kors, consignment), skirt (Planet), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), cuff/earrings (Renoir, vintage 60s), copper cuff/rings (vintage), bronze ring (P. Sarpeneva, 1970).


  1. Loving the hair, and the long jackets - so stylish! I'd love to get some jackety-tunicy things, it's such a graceful silhouette. Of course *you* would be on top of this and setting a new trend!

  2. I'm really digging that teal with all the reds, including your hair. Such a fun, bold fall color combo. Great dress too -- it does look super-comfy, and I like how slouchy and I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-think it looks.

  3. The pairing of the lace skirt with your new jacket is wonderful, if it was me I'd want to wear that combination again and again with other blouses and shoes. Like a miss-matched suit (remember when those were all the rage?)

  4. Oh yes, there's that coat - gorgeous! Hey Vizinni, way to guard the laundry. We had a wonderful cat, Mellow, who would seek out a single sock to lay on - or anything that had touched her beloved Dad, Sandy. xox

  5. Wow...that blue dress looks amazing on your Shelia...a perfect color for you! I also really like the style of the dress! Great always!

  6. your first outfit made me wanna steal it! I love it so much so I just can't comment on others! Shoes and dress are absolutely stunning and match earrings are superb!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  7. I love teal and red and when red cowboy boots are involved then I am downright covetous! That jacket is amazing and who wouldn't want to feel like a baroque superhero?

  8. Mmm, teal and red! And that jacket is such a great compliment to those shoes. (Jeffrey Campbell: NOT just huge clunky platforms...) But I have to say, I so love those pink sneakers! Who/what are they?

    1. The pink runners are Miss Sixty, thrifted for $12.00!

  9. OMG She !
    I am all for that second look, with the great long brocade coat, the textures are marvellous together.

  10. OMG She !
    I am all for that second look, with the great long brocade coat, the textures are marvellous together.

  11. Wow, that top with the graphic birds and branches - LOVE IT! I wish I had found it lol!
    Absolutely to die for coat, that brown patterned lined one! The leaf one is a close second :-)
    Love your personal style and your Blog, thanks for sharing it all!


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