Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Purple Velvet and Granny Shoes

Gah, I am so tired. I worked until 7pm, came home and made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and then crashed on the couch (cold weather = kitty on lap...ah...).
I'm having so much fun with my new-to-me clothes! Purple velvet!

So glad I still have morning light for the stair picture. The inside light is getting crappier and crappier. It's nearly dark in the morning! 
Well, that's fall, I guess. Also fall? This fab purple jacket. I thrifted it after work a few weeks ago here in September for $17.50.

The leopard blouse is a favourite for the past few years. I last wore it here in February while telling my black leather dress and thigh-high boots to calm the f**k down.
The skirt was thrifted a couple of years ago. It's a washable suede - gotta love that! I last wore it here in January with all neutrals.

The stuff:
I am a sucker for granny shoes! I've owned several pairs over the years - these ones are a lovely toffee brown, with a round toe and chunky heel. I bought them on consignment here in August for $28.00; they are by Nine West. Considering the height of the heel, they were quite comfortable, even after an 10.5 hour day.

Purple and gold bling:
The necklace is one I made many years ago - the large purple glass beads are from my great-grandmother (? not 100% sure, but they are old).

Jacket (Dex, thrifted), blouse (Planet, consignment), skirt (Skott's Suede, thrifted), shoes (Nine West, consignment), necklace (by me), earrings (thrifted), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), pinky ring (Pentti Sarpeneva, vintage 1970), ring w/stone (Dad's, vintage 60s, Francis Jeweler). 


  1. I love purple, and have a very similar velvet jacket - it will be time to get it out soon, though we're still having warm sunshine here (chilly mornings though!) Definitely an autumnal outfit - the colours, the shoes, the soft textures. Lovely! xxx

  2. You look GORGEOUS in purple! I love this outfit...I just can't say enough about it. Who does your photography? Hubby? Timed setting on your camera? I love how you pose in the same places each time....really gives the spotlight to your ensembles. Ah, lighting. I tell everybody I look better in the dark!

  3. OH purple velvet! There is nothing better though I think green velvet is a close second. I too love granny shoes though my comfort zone is around a 2 inch heel. You look great in this ensemble-both stylish and comfortable which is always a good combination. You say the ring with the purple stone is from Francis Jeweller. Francis Jeweller is in Courtenay but I always assumed it was a small family owned business. Was there one in Victoria too or did your Dad get his ring in Courtenay?

    1. This is the Francis Jeweler in Victoria: - I looked for a Courtenay location. I know my dad bought the ring in the late 50s - it was the first good piece of jewelry he ever owned - when the store was on Douglas Street, near City Hall.

  4. This is fabulous! The jacket looks wonderful -- what a find!

  5. I did not know those are called "granny shoes" and I've always loved them - though I only had one pair something like 20 years ago. I'll be looking again! Love the purple blazer and the whole very Fallish cozy feel of your outfit. I can't get used to how early it gets dark in the evening!

  6. Beautiful fall outfit! And those are some cool granny shoes. Those are a longtime love for me too. 9West made some great ones with (of course) chunkier heels that I wore all through the 90s....and Clarks, too. Not looking forward to the time change, but we could lose this horrible hot weather. Right now Summer is like an annoying party guest that won't leave!

  7. This purple baby looks so much like mine !
    I have been busy, tired, sick and with loads of homework… but we're hanging in there!
    OMG where is the weekend?!


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