Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fruital and Leather

What a scrambled day! Halfway through, my brain decided it was Wednesday - time to go to the other office. D'oh! Oh well, a little surprise visit never hurt anyone, right?
Also - surprise! I'm wearing a leather dress for work. I have 3 leather dresses and I've worn all of them for work. The key to this one is to layer something underneath.

I'm wearing my fruital (as opposed to floral) blouse, last seen here (way down at the bottom) in August with green culottes.
I last wore this dress here in February, with layers of cream - was that the last Dress Week? I can't even remember.
The dress is a Dots special from about 4 years ago, here in December 2010 - all dresses were on sale for $20, regardless of the original price. This one was $139 Dots' price, $400 regular price. Crazy!

The stuff:
Mod is in (was it ever out?). So are these rockin' shoes! I love that you can still see the $10.00 price written on the inner part of the chunky heel. I last wore these here in August with a bad outfit (Ally, not all my outfits are good!).

Vintage-y bling:
 Mom's belt goes so well with the shoes. I love the metal pom-pom earrings.

Dress (Truly, Part Two), blouse (no label, thrifted), shoes (Fugitive, thrifted), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's), ring (90s), earrings (vintage 70s?).


  1. I love mod. Always have and always will. BTW, it'd be fun to see you try new styles this Fall. We never know what's going to work until we experiment with new stuff.

  2. I've never had any luck in Dots, but I suppose going only once every five years might account for that. You look adorable in this outfit! Not sure if adorable was what you were going for but you do. Love the fruital blouse and those shoes especially!

  3. Five bucks? That's a good one! I love the belt too. I have a very similar one that I've never worn. I must get on that...

  4. Fab blouse, and it works so well under the leather dress. And those are really cool shoes! xxx

  5. I can't take my eyes off your shoes! I love the flashes of white from the buckles and heels. I would wear these! Flats!! So do you go to the other office again tomorrow? Which is probably today as I write :-) xo JJ

  6. Fruital! Brilliant! I adore that blouse. Perfect colours on black. I also adore those 60's inspired shoes!
    I'm forever getting my days mixed up. It only works if you think it's a work day but realise it's Saturday.

  7. This dress is a well structured garment - I have to say that layering it is quite clever… I am wondering if I could pull off a leather dress here…


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