Friday, June 28, 2013

Casual Friday - Chambray and Stripes

Hey, I'm back. No Thursday outfit, as I woke up in excruciating pain in my arm and shoulder. I threw on my soft green Smoking Lily dress, my runners, and L drove me to work - I didn't even wear make-up. One look at me, and my coworker called a cab and sent me to the Emergency. I had planned to just go to a walk-in clinic, but I could see her point. 

"When Sheila shows up at work dressed like that, with no's serious."

I ended up sitting at the hospital for 2.5 hours - finally saw a doctor only to hear that yes, it's a pinched nerve, here's a prescription for some mega painkillers and try acupuncture. Massage is also good. *sigh*

So forgive me if I'm gritting my teeth a little here.
This is my new-to-me chambray denim dress, thrifted last Friday (here) for $10.50.
The striped cardi was last worn here in May while I was covered in hives. What is up with me physically lately? I think I ought to buy a lottery ticket - I'm due for some good luck!
I secured the front dangly ends of the cardi with my Smoking Lily obi.

I loved wearing this dress - it's a Swoosh Factor 11!
Weeeeee! The drugs are kicking in!
 The stuff:
I last wore the sandals back here in May (2nd outfit).

It's a long weekend here in Canada - it's Canada Day on Monday! Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends! Me, I'm going to nap.

Dress (Blues by J. Arcaro, 90s, thrifted), cardigan (Express, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), obi (Smoking Lily).


  1. Dang! Yes, you're definitely due for some good luck. At least you looked cute while dealing with your arm & shoulder pain!

  2. Oh no! Sorry you're feeling poorly. Lots of healing wishes to you.

    I LOVE THAT DRESS. Seriously, I love in all caps that dress.

  3. Oh ouch so sorry to hear about your shoulder! I hope the pain killers are helping!

    Like the cardi layered over the dress with the obi belt. I hope you manage to get some rest and relax over the weekend while your shoulder heals!

  4. Ouch! I get a similar problem periodically with a trapped nerve in my neck, and I know how painful it is. Hope you feel better soon. On the up side, there is PLENTY of swooshy comfort to be found in that dress, and I am loving the sandals. xxx

  5. Hi girl, so sorry to hear you're in pain again! What's up with that!

    Feel better real-real soon. And I love the dress too!

  6. Aw, that's rough! But really, a medical reason to have a massage? There are worse prescriptions to get!

  7. Oh sorry about your pain! Hope the drugs and massage do the trick very soon. Love your swoosh and fab black sandals.

  8. Ouchie. How did you pinch a nerve, do you think? Acupuncture is very good, I recommend it if you haven't had it before.

    SWOOSH goes your gorgeous dress. I hope the pain swooshes away too, soon.

    1. I don't know how it started - I've always had tightness issues with my back, though. Ouch! I am going to try acupuncture.

  9. That's a whole lotta fabulous chambray - Swoosh Factor 15 at least! It looks so cool with the stripey top.

    I'm glad the drugs are working :~) I've heard very good things about acupuncture, and if the doctor says get a massage, then dammit, get a massage!!

    Enjoy your weekend and Canada Day!

  10. Fantastic swoosh factor!
    Well, I give you top marks for soldiering on when you are absolutely bowled over by pain. Thank goodness your co-workers swooped in and recognized the signs of trouble - the giveaway being that you weren't "dressed" or made up.
    That poor little pinched nerve will relax in no time at all but I'm glad you have meds to ease you through. So Happy Canada Day- maybe by Monday at least you'll be back on your feet...

  11. a) love the dress and the belt!

    b) do you by chance carry a bag or a case on one side every day? my mother and a friend of mine both developed muscle/nerve problems and the doctors advised them to switch the arm used to carry the heavy bag each day in addition to their rhomboid/supraspinatus exercises.

    1. Yes, like most women, I do carry my purse on the same side. I've been switching it up and using a cross-body bag when I can.

  12. Oh, no! Hope you're feeling better, buddy. I had a terrible headache this week after getting my teeth whitened. Let's both heal quickly.

  13. Hope you're feeling better Sheila!! Happy Canada Day weekend!

  14. Oh no!! Feel better!!! We need your swooshiness. The blue of the dress, yellow of the obi, and stripes of the cardi all work so well together. The shoes remind me of the Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals I just found on sale at an outlet store. I love mine too!!

  15. Oh no I hope the nerve eases off for you soon, on the plus side your look blooming fantastic, really love the twirly skirt with the green sash xx

  16. Ouch, pinched nerves are the worst! I hope you're feeling better!

    I absolutely love this dress and sweater together!

  17. Oh my--hope you're feeling better !! Is Vizzini taking good care of you??

    That dress is even BETTER on!! Wow--love how you've styled it and it has so much potential!

  18. DAmn Sheila, it's like one right after the other...
    here we say that if things start going out of place, you walk backwards into the ocean :)
    I do hope the acupuncture helps.

  19. Yikes! Pinched nerves are no fun at all. Hope it is on the mend (I will see for myself as I catch up on my blogs, LOL).


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