Sunday, June 23, 2013

Casual and Cat-tastic!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! It's been very relaxing Chez Us, although we did go out yesterday for a few chore-y things. 

We went out for lunch with our friend Chris, so I wore something swooshy.
My second wear of this plaid taffeta dress, last seen here a couple of Mondays ago.

I'm linking this outfit up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style - I was very bright and visible in this!
It was sunny so I sunblocked up my cleavage, and wore this cute little tie-front cardi (thrifted here for $7.50).
The shoes were good (thrifted here on Friday for $16.50), but I cut the little elastic straps out of the sling-backs when I got home - ouch! Now I know why someone donated them. However, I've never been shy about customizing my shoes to make them more comfy (like these gold shoes), whether it's slitting the backs of the heels to make them less sharp on my feet or removing unnecessary elastic (like in my Chie Mihara flats).

Dress (Coldwater Creek, thrifted), cardigan (Bellisima, thrifted), shoes (Aerosoles, thrifted), earrings (locally made), Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).

L and I went to Sears after lunch and bought a new dishwasher (our current one is over 20 years old and sounds like a jet plane), which we'll be getting in a few weeks. We browsed around, looking at furniture, and all I could think was, "I could find good stuff so much cheaper second-hand!" I talked L into stopping at one of my favourite second-hand furniture stores, Charmaine's Past and Present (linking 'cause I love).

Now that we have paid off our mortgage, we're looking to replace some of our decades-old furniture with quirkier, cooler pieces. And we scored! We found a beautiful Bombay Company couch (this one) that was regular $1999 for only $799! And it's made in Canada and is in new condition. We get it tomorrow - exciting!

Vizzini was not as impressed with our shopping.
"What did you buy me?" 
We'll have to be vigilant of him, to make sure he doesn't scratch the new couch!
"Like I would do such a thing - that was all Inigo and Othello."
He showed his apathy by flopping on the "kitty camo" rug.
"You can't see me."
He likes to lie right in the path to the kitchen.
"Nothing to see here. I'm just a floppy cat."
I had a bit of a sleep-in this morning, then sauntered down to get groceries.
It's very muggy and a bit overcast, but warm. This outfit is basically a repeat of this one that I wore for July 1st (Canada Day) last year.
I last wore both the dress (a Smoking Lily one from the 90s that I thrifted), and the pedal pushers (a retail purchase) in the July 2012 capsule (recap here).
I wore the scarf (after digging around for it for ages - I thought I'd lost it!) to help cover up my tattoos - remember, inked ladies, sunblock your artwork!

The shoes are my Kenneth Cole Reaction flats that I wore back in March (and froze my toes!) here (scroll waaaaay down).

Dress (Smoking Lily, vintage 90s, thrifted), pants (Reitman's), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), scarf (Aldo), earrings (Oscar & Libby's).

And now I'm going to chill out in anticipation of a very busy week ahead.


  1. That top dress is dreamy!!! I love those colors.

  2. That first dress is so great for summer style, Shelia and I am going to use you as my muse and do your second have me thinking!! Have a great week!

  3. Love the new couch! Ours is similar in shape. The kitties tried to christen it for a while with their claws, so we had to cover the arms with aluminum foil : < now they don't show the desire anymore. Love your swooshy dress, thanks for sharing it with Vis Monday.

  4. Love your "swooshy" dress! You make me laugh--that you wanted to wear something swooshy! Love the plaid and the colors; and the fact it swooshes. xoxo

  5. Aww floppy cat! The first thing I was going to say is hopefully Mr. Vizz doesn't claw the new couch. Congrats on paying off your mortgage too. (Still not entirely sure what those are, but I know it's a good thing to pay them off!)

  6. Very neat dress in the first photo. Your black cat is so pretty.

  7. Love that pretty, swishy dress! Sarah xxx

  8. MEOW!!! I love a cat fix...
    That frock is a sweetie, and what a good girl you are, sunblocking your delicate cleavage!! XXX

  9. I just love that taffeta dress! It's as sweet as candy! And I really like the use of white as an accent color. Alyson on That's Not My Age mentioned wearing white sandals with an outfit that had no other white in it. I never would have thought of that, but now I want white shoes, too!

  10. Hard to believe you can saunter in such a vibrant outfit. Your shoe customizing is bold and I like that. I like how you sliced that gold pair. And let's talk about your taffeta dress... Not must to say except WOW. Visible indeed. Great buy on the couch.

  11. Congratulations on paying off the mortgage! We made our final payment three years ago in July, and it's just the best feeling in the world. I love that taffeta dress to bits; I only wish stuff like that suited me as well as it does you.

  12. Congrats on scoring that sofa for a great deal! :D

    Really like that beautiful dress too, nice for a weekend.

  13. LOVE both outfits - I can't decide which one I like more in fact. And he does kind of blend in with that rug! I can see the eyes though!

  14. Score on the couch! What a lucky find. You are the queen of thrifting no doubt!

    I've never really liked white shoes since I always scuff them the moment I put them on, but maybe a thrifted pair should be in my future. Love them with your pink dress.

  15. I laugh when you add those funny captions under your VIzzini's pictures-
    and you're looking bright and cheery with that Smoking Lily froc.

  16. I totally adore the dress and think you wear it beautifully! Great little thrifted shrug - I'm on the hunt! I also love the tunic in the second group of shots - fabulous!!!

  17. Love the plaid dress, and the little dress over the pedal pushers looks so cute! Such great colours.
    Vizzini is SUCH a naughty looking cat - I love him!

  18. Ooh, is that a Roman knot?! Hee hee. The scarf looks lovely. Do you need to cover up in case tattooed skin burns, or to stop it fading? Sorry for dense question. I have a mini tatt, but in a place that is often covered...

    Love your swooshy dress.

  19. That plaid taffeta dress is very glam! love the little flowery number too!

  20. Lovely sundress ... plaid taffeta is dream fabric, and on the diagonal? Well. Just perfect. Lots of accessories in your wardrobe for this. Adorable Vizzini.
    Great choices together for the dess-slacks-scarf combo, and enviable sandals. Love this style.
    Yes to sunblock, everywhere!
    Have a lovely week ...

  21. Very pretty patterned dresses. You look great.


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