Monday, June 24, 2013

A Whiter Shade of Pale

The calendar says it's summer, even if Mother Nature isn't cooperating. Screw it, I'm wearing white!
This is my "wings" white and taupe lace vintage top that I wore twice in the January 2013 capsule (recap here). I've been looking forward to wearing it in warmer weather, and really liked how it went with this pretty little cotton skirt.
The skirt was featured in the September 2012 capsule (recap here), where I also wore it twice.
100% cat approved.
Funnily enough, both of them are thrifted and neither of them have labels. I suspect someone removed the label from the skirt, but the vintage top is handmade so never had one.

The stuff:
My new-to-me thrifted white shoes (last worn only a couple of days ago here) were even more comfortable today. It felt like I was wearing slippers today!

Both the eyelet skirt and the lace top feature floral patterns, so I had to go with my bigass peony at my waist.
Simple accessories otherwise. Getting my cost-per-wear down on my Fulvia ring - woo!

Edit: I just noticed - this is my 1,500th post. Holy samolies! That's a lot of posts...Thank you all for reading, commenting, lurking.

Blouse (vintage, thrifted), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Aerosoles, thrifted), belt (Club Monaco), flower (Le Chateau), earrings (locally made), Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes), spoon ring (About Tine).


  1. Gack, I love a white cotton eyelet skirt! This one is perfection. You look great, keep insisting on summer and it will have to come : )

  2. Big fan of the bigass peony. And your badass attitude. :)

  3. Wooo! Congrats on so many posts. Also jealous of your comfy white shoes. I've been hunting and hunting a pair of white ones, but yet to find the right pair that can stand up to my walking. Comfort shoes are hard to come by.

  4. WOW! - 1,500th post? You need some kind of award for that. Some shower of confetti or something. Congratulations. It is definitely a labour of love and I love your posting too. Thanks, Sheila. Great outfit with the white. Mother Nature seems to have gotten cold feet re. the whole summer thing.

  5. It's more of a subdued palette, which is very sophisticated, but the details in each are what make it all the more interesting!

  6. Wow congrats on so many posts! :D

    Love the printed top, and glad your shoes are much more comfortable this time around :)

  7. Still looking for a pair of white shoes here, and envying yours so much! Me, I wear white bottoms in the dead of winter, so naturally, I approve of your attitude. :) And congratulations on the 1500 mark!

  8. Congratulations on 1500! I'm just over 350 so 1500 is quite an amazing achievement! I love how delicate this outfit is. Very pretty.

  9. Wow, 1500 posts! That is a lot! This is a great outfit, I love the white skirt!

  10. Wow that is a lot of posts, i wonder how many i have
    It's warm here in Mtl, your whites would be just right now!
    I say it again, gorgeous shoes
    Yes girl go for the Buzz hair, so liberating!


  11. Congrats on 1500 posts of awesomeness!!

    Gorgeous outfit--neutrals but interesting in textures, etc.!1
    Those shoes are really cool!

  12. I love an angel sleeve - so cool and so flattering! The flirty white skirt is a great fit, you look summery and fresh and pretty, even if the weather isn't so good... xxxx

  13. 1500 posts of awesomeness. What a feat. Here's to 1500 more!

    It's nice to see some summery clothes, even if the weather isn't behaving. I am coveting your new shoes too.


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