Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Velvet, Ruffles and Laces

I felt rather discombobulated all day today. Not entirely sure why - although the weather's been muggy and sultry, so maybe my inner barometer is messing with me. 
I was a little bored with this outfit today, although I like all the parts. "More colour!" screamed my inner lunatic child.

This is my ruffly white blouse's 3rd wear (last seen here in May, all corseted up with Betsey Johnson) since I purchased it, and it's a keeper.
I felt like wearing this lovely shiny velvet skirt (it's got pocketses, Precious), last seen here in March with a mish-mash of patterns and colours (including a little Disco Dutch).
I fussed a bit with the obi today, but I always do.

The stuff:
Seriously, how did I live without these shoes before? They are getting worn to death. I last wore here them a couple of weeks ago with zigzags, while I explained about Book Club.

That necklace hasn't got long with me - the "gold tone" is wearing off and it's looking shabby. It's not a high quality piece. I'd like to replace it with a better quality red necklace of similar statementality.

Blouse (Uno Due, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), belt (thrifted), shoes (Darjeeling Teapots, Fluevog, Fluemarket), necklace (Plum), earrings (locally-made), ring (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. I don't know how you're wearing velvet in warm weather! I'm looking longingly at my two corduroy skirts. They're the two favorites in my closet, but it's much too hot.

    Love those fluevogs. They really do need to bring that heel back. Or similar!

  2. really like the ruffle top with the skirt! :) Nice mix of textures even though it's not got a lot of bright colours :)

  3. You know, I always love your color combos...am inspired by them, in fact. But there's something very striking about this outfit...yes, it's subdued, but it's dramatic at the same time. Maybe it's the texture of the skirt w/the ruffle of the blouse divided by the cool belt (love that thing!)....but I like this, I really do. You look awesome as usual :)

  4. Gorgeous neutrals today, Sheila. Don't you love it when a pair of shoes turns out to be a favorite? The look great!

  5. Statementality - I like that word, I'll borrow it, if that's OK!
    The outfit is beautiful, very elegant and chic, but I know what you mean, I feel a little plain without some colour going on... But your jewellery and hair add a burst of fire-y excitement! xxx

  6. I feel off when the weather is really different too. And the shoes truly are amazing, I can see why you're wearing them so much!

  7. You do neutrals so well--I love this outfit!! and I agree about those shoes!!

    I know what you mean about COLOR withdrawal--I almost had tremors during B&W week!!


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