Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dead Sexy

I'm sure I'm going to get all kinds of creepy hits with that title, but whatevs, I felt dead sexy in this outfit all day. I mean, how can one not feel sexy when wearing red leather?
I went for a bit of a rockabilly pin-up look (but tried to keep it office-appropriate). I am wearing a red camisole under the top to keep the cleavage covered up, and I chose to wear nude fishnets so that I didn't have bare legs with such a sexy skirt.

And oh yes, what a sexy skirt! It was even better than I'd remembered from trying it on this past weekend when I bought on consignment (here). Well worth every penny of the $19.99 I paid for it! 
I nearly always wear a belt since I have to wear an ID card, a swipe access card and a whack of keys for my job every day. Need to have something to clip that sucker to.

I bought the top at the same time, in the same store, for $12.98 - such a score for both pieces. It's hard to see here, but the top has white pinstripes.
Am I allowed to say I think my own butt looks ah-mazing in this? Ha!

The stuff:
I did have a lot of compliments from my coworkers today. Of course, these shoes always prompt "ooohs"! They are my fabulous Fluevog Coffee Sumatras, last seen here in March with a burgundy suede skirt.

Bling things:
My suite of red coral, homegrown vintage rings and some assorted locally-made/bought and thrifted pieces.

Top (Heart Moon Star, consignment), skirt (Ocean West, consignment), shoes (Coffee Sumatras, Fluevog), belt/coral bracelet (Plum), stretchy cuff (thrifted), snake/spider ring (vintage 80s), red ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (locally-made), spoon ring (About Tine).

I will be taking a little break for a few days. Good vibes to you all!


  1. Oh la la! Gorgeous! Nothing better than an outfit that makes you feel sexy.

  2. Owowowww!! Mizz Sheila you are lookin' smokin'!

  3. Gorgeous! And I love your comment about the hits your post title will bring! I love to look at the keywords searched for to bring people to some of my posts!


  4. Yes, you can say your butt looks amazing because it does! I hope you carry pepper spray when you walk around looking like that!

  5. Love this outfit! Classic and work appropriate yet something you still feel amazing in - perfection.

    Hope the break goes well.

  6. Yowzer! Call the fire department, you are blazing. Amazing look down to your fab Fluevogs. Enjoy your time off!

  7. Ow ow! Sexy indeed! You are totally rocking the red leather!!

  8. Va Va Va VOOOOMMMM!!!! Love this--it's classy, yet sexy!!
    Yes, you butt looks AMAZING!!!

    Have fun on your little "break"!!

  9. I love black and red so hard. and red leather? Totally dead sexy! and those heels? Fabulously sexy!

  10. Love that red skirt and the high waisted belt, such a lovely detail =) sexy !

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  11. I love nude fishnets! So much better than regular old pantyhose :-)

  12. I have to agree Sheila, you butt does look amazing in this skirt - i have to say i am not a fan of leather clothes but this skirt is truly a treasure.

  13. You look gooorgeous. Red leather is the definition of sexy.

  14. Oh my goodness, Sheila! What a fantastic outfit!! I looooove that red leather skirt!! You look outstanding!

  15. Zowie! You are looking fabulous! All of this suits you so beautifully, classic colour combo, wonderful fit, cool details. And super-sexy! I do love some search term fun. :)

  16. Gorgeous fire-engine red leather skirt. And you've made it okay for the office, to the delight of your coworkers I know. I love your specs with all that red too!

  17. You are MOST definitely allowed to approve of yor own bum! We are all thinking it. That skirt was such a score, well done you. And so work-appropriate. I am going to wear my green leather jacket to a high level meeting this week and make it Big-Meeting-Appropriate...

  18. Very sexy indeed, your legs are great. So is your smile.


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