Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Portrait in Neutrals

Hey, it's Thursday! And you know what that means: it's nearly Friday! This week is my first 5-day week since the end of May - this is killing me.
Anyway, here we are, another outfit...full of neutrals. I was pretty happy with it, actually, I am missing colour. I didn't deliberately set out to wear lots of neutrals this week. Sometimes that's just what happens.

The top is my striped hook-and-eye piece that I first wore with my red leather skirt last week, here. One of my colleagues complimented the portrait neckline - I knew it was called that, but it was a nice reminder. Who doesn't like a nice portrait neckline? It's always flattering to the neck.
This skirt is one I've had for a few years. I last wore it in the March 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it 3 times.
One of the directors at work told me this skirt did amazing things for my butt - I love that she said that. I think women are far too catty with each other, and should give each other compliments more often!

The stuff:
The weather has turned cold and windy, with lots of rain. Blah - so not the June weather I want! I hope it gets nicer for the Canada Day long weekend next week.

Despite the freezing weather, I am gamely soldiering on with wearing my sandals, which were last seen here with a 70s kitchen and a knock-of Hermes scarf.

This Smoking Lily obi gets lots of love.
The long chain is sewn onto a strip of leather and wraps around my wrist.

Top (Heart Moon Star, consignment), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Coach), obi (Smoking Lily), leather wrist-wrap (made in the US), gold cuff (vintage 70s, Mom's), ring (consignment).


  1. I love the pleating on that skirt, very nice!

  2. I love the cut of that top! I agree with you on the compliments. One reason I love my boss is she and I can just be straight with each other. No hemming or hawwing or bullshitting. We just talk to each other like human beings!

  3. I really admire the silhouette of this outfit. It's angular in just the right places to be kind of dramatic while it shows off curves in others.

    (I found you through Megan Gann's site. Pleasure to meet you!)

  4. I love the pleat on that skirt! I am also in love with neutrals. You look great. It was super lovely to run into you at the gallery the other night and I hope it happens again before I leave!!

  5. I hope the obi belt helped prop you up for the tail-end of the week. The portrait neckline is beautiful - thanks for the term.

  6. Such a nice neutral outfit! I didn't know about the portrait neckline before, thank you for sharing! Always learn a little from your blog :)

  7. Great look, it does highlight your gorgeous curves, and the neckline is perfection. What is cold like???? : > Have a fabulous Friday.

  8. It is hard to have a five day week after not having that many! I know how that goes! And that was a great compliment you received - you are right that we women should build each other up more instead of tearing each other down!

  9. I have to agree that skirt is MADE to make your butt look fabulous!!
    love this outfit--it's neutrals but the cuts of the top and skirt are unique and give it interest!

  10. Portrait neckline - I get it. Like they used to do for high school pictures here.

    The neutrals look lovely! They would make a bland diet every day, but sometimes it's nice to let substance have center stage, and save the spice for the weekend!

  11. I like these colors, for some reason they look very rainforest or military to me.
    I love learning new things and i had never heard of the portrait neckline :)

  12. Very nice neutral outfit - like above, I am going to agree that the skirt showcases your lovely bum! Compliments are great to receive -sadly too often it can be the 'side-eye' instead. I am lucky to work with some nice people, too.


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