Monday, July 1, 2013

Long Weekend, Dresses and Flop-Cat

Ooh, I love a long weekend. I wish I weren't in so much pain, but a long weekend is still nothing to be sneezed at! Yes, my back is still very sore and the nerve is still pinched. I must make an appointment for acupuncture this week.

However, in the meantime, all plans for complicated outfits go out the window when it's hot. And it has been a HOT weekend - up to 28 degrees (that's over 80 for those of you on that other scale). Yes, we are all wusses here, but that is very hot for Victoria!
On Saturday, we didn't have Ultimate, so we met up with our friend Andrew for brunch. I had a massage booked for the afternoon, so I went with a simple dress and walking shoes. I did a bit of thrift store browsing but didn't find anything.
Infamously referred to as my "lettuce" dress, I last wore this as my July 2012 Wild Card outfit during my year-long capsule challenge, here with my aqua Fluevogs. It's a lovely cotton eyelet fabric, so wonderfully comfy on a hot day.
My easy cream Clark's Artisan sandals were great for walking home.

The necklace is one I picked up at the St. Vincent de Paul over a year ago for one of my steampunk costumes - it was $5.00. I hardly ever wear it, but I liked the look of the long pendant with this outfit.
I loathe wearing sunblock, so I often wear a physical block in the form of clothing instead. This thin denim shirt fit the bill perfectly.

Dress (Taylor, consignment), shoes (Clark's Artisans, consignment), necklace (thrifted).

Our friends Jean and Michael threw a pre-Canada Day barbecue at their house Sunday afternoon. It's better to have the day off after a holiday so that you can recover from the drinks and rich food!

It was roaring hot again yesterday, so out came another dress! This fabulous 60s vintage Hawaiian dress gifted to me from my aunt Kathy last week.
It's funny. You know you've pushed most people's fashion envelope when the "normals" look away from you, and the drunks and homeless people vocally approve of your outfit. Ha! I was very popular with the transient population of Victoria yesterday!

This dress fit like a dream. I wore it out for brunch, and a bit of walking around, as well as lounging around in a shady backyard - as with the previous outfit, it was great sunblock (I do block up exposed skin, of course). Plus, I didn't have to shave my legs. Heh.
I kept the accessories to a minimum due to the heat. Just a pair of silver earrings, these Fossil ones - the shape went really well with the patterns on the dress.
I wore my kitten heel gladiator sandals (last worn here several times on our journey to/from Powell River) and did a quick half-assed pedicure with 60-second polish in a matchy lilac purple. Toes are an accessory, right?
Showing my ink! This dress was a major statement, so I am linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style. Get yourself over there and have a gander at all the lovely peeps.

I didn't take a picture of it, but see the furled up parasol in the background? I carried that around all day for extra sunblock. There's a picture of it here from last August. It was an excellent $10 investment several years ago, but the weather has to be just right: no wind, no rain (the parasol is paper).

Dress (Tori Richard of Honolulu for Andrade of Honolulu, vintage 60s, Joyce's), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), earrings (Fossil).

Someone has been barely tolerating the heat.
"I flop where I want."
L and I played Arkham Horror on Saturday night - we have a really big living room coffee table with another shelf under it that we use for storing our Dungeons and Dragons character sheets. It is also Vizzini's secret passageway from one side of the room to the other (good for sneaking chip crumbs off the floor).

I looked down at my feet and there he was, flopped out on the shelf, having a lie-down.
"There are game pieces up there that I can steal."
He likes to chew on the handle of that old pencil sharpener, so we have the handle jammed into the corner. What a devil.

After lounging around hoping for chip crumbs, he expressed his dissatisfaction with our lack of messiness by hopping on top of the big CD shelf.
"I'm king of the world!" 
We try not to make a big deal out of it, as there's nothing he can destroy up there (hmmm...except the curtains).

Later on that night, I caught him on his post out on the deck.
"How dare you use the flash?"
He's such a funny bub.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. oh I adore flash-eyes Vizzini! And every Vizzini, he is a doll-baby. Also fabulous is that Hawaiian dress, it is made for you with your red hair and cool back-art. Thanks for sharing all the great looks with Visible Monday, xoxox

  2. I must be homeless and transient- because I love you in that last frock- glorious! Love the print the color the shape---ooooooh! You are divine!

    1. Haha! I have to join the homeless and transient club too because that dress looks like it was custom made for Sheila. I'm in love with the back detailing.

  3. You look beautiful in green. Such a great colour on you. And that Maxi dress? Divine. It fits you perfectly!

    I felt totally crazy yesterday wearing the giant yellow skirt, at least until I got to the Pride festivities. Then I felt positively normal.

  4. Oooh that dress is magnificent. So flowy and cool. I also love that it shows off your tatts at the same time.

    What a silly kitty. I love floppy cats <3 Probably why I like kitties better than dogs. <3 so boneless. Our kittens have gone onto a new home, so we're back down to only have 2 cats. =[ I miss them.

  5. Hope you're feeling better. And it's funny how heat can affect our dressing.

  6. I find the same here - it's always the roughest looking characters who compliment me on my hair! I Loooooooove both of these dresses. The first one is the perfect summer frock in its brilliant green with a ruffley bottom, and the second makes a bold statement of the best kind!

  7. If I had seen you floating by in that Hawaiian maxi, I would have come over to say how stunning you look. And I am neither homeless nor drunk (not at the moment anyway...!) It's a truly amazing dress, and you look beautiful in it. Don't you love getting the surreptitious side-eye, then the look away? I spot it and it makes me laugh!
    I really like the green dress too, the panel at the bottom is gorgeous!
    Vizzini - he is such a cheeky boy, and so handsome. He and my black'n'white girl Minnie would have had such beautiful kittens together... xxxxx

    1. Hee hee, Curtise describes the 'side-eye' (from unadventurous types) beautifully. You look gorgeous in Aunt Kathy's dress and I wholeheartedly approve of covering up from the sun in light layers.

  8. Ooo-eee, that's a divine maxi! I love every. single. thing. about it. I laughed when you mentioned how the "normals" look away. So true! And your lettuce dress is wholesome goodness. The long pendant with it is just right. Gorgeous.
    Sorry you are not yet unkinked. I hope you get that worked out ASAP. The heat? Whoa. I'm wilting.

  9. I LOVE that lettuce dress! It is just so cute and fun. It would be perfect for romaine around the neighborhood. But you might need a bib if you wear it to dinner. LOLlo rosso!

  10. I find the identical here - it's habitually the roughest looking characters who praise me on my hair! I Love both of these dresses. The first one is the perfect summer frock in its bright green with a ruffly bottom, and the second makes a bold declaration of the best type!

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  11. Not drunk or homeless, but wow I'm digging that Hawaiian dress!

  12. I'm sorry you're in pain again. Hope the gorgeousness of the dress compensated for it, you look SO COOL!!! I wish our summer was 28 degrees, we've entered low 30s now and it's only just beginning (July and August are killer).

    Vizzini is so funny. He's such a beautiful boy. Hey, do you think you could post a full-size picture of his post? How tall is it?

  13. Love that you picked dresses for the heat, I do that too! That vintage Hawiian dress is spectacular! :)

    Hope your shoulder heals up and acupuncture helps quickly!

  14. The lettuce dress is so 1920s and fantastic! And the dress the transient population loved is so 1960s and fantastic! So much cross-generational fantastic-ness!

  15. You looked HOT in your lettuce dress!!
    That hawaiian dress is just freakin' FANTASTIC!! Everything about it is fabulous!!
    AAAWWWWWW--Vizzini cuteness!! He is such a handsome fellow!

  16. Oh I like how the lettuce dress totally changed with the button down shirt tied at the waist.
    AND the dress! you wore it and you look spectacular! you've got to send her daughter an email with a picture of you wearing it.
    I love it when I am wearing something that looks NOTHING like what the rest is wearing.

  17. I'm sorry you're down in your back, poor darling. I can identify ... years ago I had an injury that sounds like yours. Hope the acupuncture helps.
    You're lovely in shades of blue. And green ... what an adorable little dress for mooching around the shops. Perfect little shoes.
    And of course, adorable Vizzini.

  18. Ha ha! During Steam Expo we noticed that the drunk/transient population were likewise appreciative and complimentary. "Normals" are so buttoned up and inhibited. Not surprisingly, it was a group of 20-somethings who snickered at our costumes - they, of course, all looked like conformist clones. There was a whole range of people 30+ who also enjoyed seeing folks around dressed in costume. One younger man did say "You just made my vacation! I am a happy man." Being dressed adventurously is a pretty interesting social experiment!

  19. Ha ha! During the Steam Expo, we noticed that the transient/drunk folks were the most complimentary. The only people who snickered at our costumes were a group of young 20-somethings, who all looked like conventional media clones, naturally. We got a lot of positive feedback from tourists, who thought people dressed strangely added spice to their vacations. Dressing unconventionally is an interesting social experiment!


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