Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Steampunk Blues

Not a lot of time today, so let's get to it.
Blue! Browns! Shiny!

The shiny blue shirt (and yes, such a glorious colour) was last seen here with tweedy goodness and reds.
I based the outfit around this new-to-me thrifted skirt (purchased this past weekend, here) that I picked up for $14.00. It has a very steampunk-y vibe about it, so easy-peasy steampunk look. Long sleeves, vest and a Victorian bootie.

The leather vest is one of my stalwart wardrobe items. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) for a vintage fair expedition with Cat and Elaine.
 The stuff:
I wore these wonderful blue/purple and browns boots that same day with the leather vest - I like how the darker brown of the buttons goes with the brown vest.

Bling things:
All handmade or locally made. I love the necklace - I was the grateful beneficiary of this as a gift from Tamera of the Menopausal Supermodel. Thank you, Tamera!

Off to WW! Have a fun night!

Blouse (Melanie Lynne, consignment), vest (CAbi, thrifted), skirt (Orwell, thrifted), boots (Libby Smith Bellevilles, Fluevogs), necklace (handmade, gift from Tamera), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), ring (POLY, thrifted), earrings (locally made).


  1. Gorgeous blue, love that vest, and Fluevogs are always where it's at! Always admire your keeping up with posting even when life is so full. Awesome.

  2. I soooo want a pair of boots like those! Gorgeous outfit!

  3. Oh! That skirt is so cool. Definitely a keep imo.

  4. Sheila, you've got me thinking about vests again, just as soon as I was about to move them to my "if I don't wear these in 6 months...." closet. Only my vest is tweed, so maybe I need some leather skirts... what am I talking about? Everyone needs some leather skirts!

  5. A delicious combination of sheens and textures, Sheila. And your bling is droolworthy. Tamera, what a wonder - gorgeous necklace!

  6. Yep. All fab! Love the bling as always, Sheila.

  7. Love the blue shirt, and that skirt is lovely! :)

    The detail on the back is so nice.

  8. Great steampunk-y skirt! The boots, well yes, of course, and I love the pendant from Tamera. Isn't she an angel on earth?

  9. Steampunky Awesomeness!! The color of the blouse is fabulous on you!!

    I've always been amused by that photo on the necklace--it's from the 1920's and I beleive was taken at a copper mine in Cuba or possibly south america. I thrifted a box of these old photo's of the mine. I need to do more with them cuz they are cool and super industrial/steampunkish.

  10. Yes, great minds ;)
    have agreed to wear cobalt blue!

  11. That skirt is totally faboo. It's perfect with those boots of awesomeness.

    Totally love the necklace too.


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