Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mondo Weekend Edition: Turquoise Origami, Floral and a Bit of Shopping

Another crazy-busy weekend! This is a big post, so let's get going. 

This is what I wore to work for Casual Friday. 
What? That's casual! Look, I'm wearing denim.

The jacket is a Smoking Lily design that I got on consignment a few years ago. I last wore it - only once! - in the March 2012 capsule (recap here), in this outfit, which is so similar to Friday's (down to the colour scheme, the same floofy underskirt and even a pair of Fluevogs). The jacket only works when done up (it's very stretchy), so I usually layer it over something else. My favourite time wearing it was this outfit I did for our friends Steve and Celia's wedding.

The "skirt" is actually a strapless dress worn underneath. I'll get to that in a bit, since later Friday night, I wore it on its own.
The navy blue floofy netting underskirt is a Noa Noa one I got at Dots a few years ago. I like how it emphasized the slight high-low of the dress's hem.
The back of the dress is pleated interestingly.

The stuff:
Heavenly comfortable Fluevogs! I last wore these in mid-May (here, way way down) with my corset-y Smoking Lily dress.

Sparkly bits:
Finally wearing my blue and iridescent vintage brooch and earrings set that I got at the vintage fair, along with my two Wendy Brandes rings.

Jacket (Smoking Lily, consignment), dress (Origami Dress by Bodybag by Jude), underskirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Prepare Guides, Fluevogs), brooch/earrings (vintage), lapis lazuli and Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

After a brief nap when I got home, I redid my face and reaccessorized for a walk down to my friend's gallery to see an interactive computer/art media opening.
This is the dress worn with the halter strap. I got it back in December (here), out of season, at a local boutique for $80. It's by Bodybag by Jude (I have this dress (2nd one) by them also, that I got on consignment).

I'm hooking up to Patti's 100th "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style. Congratulations, Patti! 100 weeks of wonderfully visible women!

The light in the den was speckly from the sun filtering through the oak trees by 7:30 pm.
Isn't the bodice of the dress cool? And it has pockets! I actually really enjoyed wearing it all day. Having it sit in my closet since December, without being able to wear it (it's a thin stretch cotton blend), made me question whether it was actually a good purchase, but I am really happy with it now that I've worn it.

I did spill a few things on it over the course of the day, and now it's in the wash. Yes, it's washable!
Gotta show the ink!

I added my rock-n-roll belt (with my Smith & Wesson belt buckle), and yellow accessories, including this little yellow shrug which I last wore here with my splatter skirt.
The studio had chromatic lights strung across the ceiling that shifted colour to match the DJed music. All of my yellow went bright orange - it was quite disconcerting!

The stuff:
My fun red wedges for a bit of a pin-up vibe. I last wore them here with black and white and blue.

Bling things:
My cuff and earrings match so well. How can I not wear them together every time?

Dress (Origami dress by Bodybag by Jude), cardi (Peter Nygard, consignment), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), bag (Aldo, consignment), cuff (thrifted), earrings (vintage Bakelite), rings (Wendy Brandes).

Much revelry later, I stumbled home and hung out with L. Slept in a bit on Saturday, but not so late that I couldn't put together a decent outfit to wear over my sportswear to the Ultimate field.
No face-plant this week, thank goodness! It was a hard game, though, and I ran hard.

The dress is my t-shirt Desigual one, last seen three times in the March 2012 capsule (recap here).
 My green wooden earrings are cheapies from Le Chateau years ago (maybe 7 years?).
I wish they hadn't just use white fabric on the back.

Flats are necessary after running for two hours in soccer cleats! These are my Fluevog Presence Impulses, last seen here in March with my tiki skirt (I need to wear that again soon).

It was cloudy and windy, but cleared up later on. I was still glad I'd worn my yellow leather jacket.
Vizzini was prowling around while I was doing my pictures, so I scooped him up for a photo op.

Psycho kitty face!

"I swallow your soul!"
He's such a funny bub.

Jacket (Danier Leather), dress (Desigual), shoes (Presence Impulse, Fluevogs), earrings (Le Chateau).

After lunch on Saturday, I went to a couple of thrift stores, the St. Vincent de Paul and the Hospice Boutique. The Velvet Crease also (finally) has expanded their hours for summer, so I stopped in there too.

I found this gorgeous rich purple cardigan in the SVdP:
It's by Jacob and was only $5.00.

At the Hospice Boutique, I found a replacement for last summer's white cardigan, which I wore 7 times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here). That cardigan was hugely useful, but when I pulled it out of storage, it had yellowed terribly and had a hole in the back, so I turfed it.
This one is by Bellisima and was $7.50.

I fell in love with this amazing silk plaid dress:
It will be wonderful for summer!

A close-up of the fabric and colours:
It's by Coldwater Creek and was only $18.00.

I also found this amazing wiggle skirt:
The shape of the skirt caught my eye - that's a very narrow pencil on that skirt. The slit at the front is very necessary for walking.

I also liked the intricate detail on the back:
It has a very cool steampunk vibe to it. It's going to be fun wearing it! It's by Orwell (a German company, and it was made in Poland), and was $14.00.

Fresh off my thrifting success, I scored wildly at the Velvet Crease. I think this might be my Christmas dress this year:
It's a dress by Planet (they of the very expensive clothing), and it was only $40.00! I remember when this style was at the Bay department store - it was over $300 new.

It has a crinoline and a ruffled underskirt attached for maximum swooshiness! And look at the lovely embroidery on it:
So pretty! I am envisioning all kinds of fancy ways to accessorize it.

The store had all kinds of classic 80s brands, including some mondo shoulder-padded jackets. There was a one-shoulder navy blue full-length Bill Blass gown and a cream silk Lagerfeld dress covered in silver stars (it was crazy, but over $100), as well as a bunch of other really flashback-inducing items. I had my eyes peeled for the gems.

And I found a couple! This is a snug, high-waisted pencil skirt made out of a very dark, nearly black denim:
It has zig-zag seaming on the front - can't see it here.

The back of it has a bold industrial zipper.
 I was excited to see a name I knew: Nicole Miller:
And made in the US - sweet! This was $28.00.

I may have lunged for the rack when I spotted this insanely awesome plaid skirt:
So very classicly 80s. Can't you see this with a little crop-top or big-shouldered bolero jacket? I am excited to wear it.

It's by Roland Kerry of London (and it's made in England):
Not a modern size 10; an 80s size 10 is about a size 6 today.

The fabric is just astoundingly cool:
It is a very rustle-y taffeta, and it also has a crinoline under it.

And it came with a matching headband!
I'm not 100% positive that it is a headband, but it fits my head perfectly, and it's too short to be tied as a belt.

L and I just hung out last night, and I took it easy on the wine (hee), so I woke up bright and early this morning. I headed down to get groceries, and then went for a walk to stretch out my legs and knees, which are sore from Ulty yesterday.
Comfy shoes, which I last wore on our March adventure to Vancouver (here).

I last wore this floral cardigan here in April over a blue dress.
Just went with a teal cami under it. It is sunny and windy today, so this was just right.
The skirt is my denim Talbot's one, last seen here (also) in April, with a bold painty blouse.

I visited My Sister's Closet, my favourite consignment store in town. I managed to find 3 great items - and every one of them was ethically made. *pats self on back* Good job!

This pinstriped stretchy cotton top does up the front with hook-and-eye closures. I am a sucker for those.
It's a nice wide neckline and is insanely flattering. It's by Heart Moon Star and was made in the USA. It was only $12.98! It has a pin-up vibe, which I am fond of.

I also found this stretchy top:
The straps sit over one's bra straps, and the side pieces are on the upper arms - very flattering and shows off the shoulders. I've always liked shirts that do that - I think last time they were in style was in the mid-90s. It's by Simpli and was designed and made in Vancouver. It was $14.98.

And...finally! I have found my dream red leather skirt! I have been on the lookout for this forever (well, a few years). I've purchased other red skirts, notably, this suede one (the zipper wouldn't stay up), and this red pencil skirt (wrinkled like stink and got a stain on it).

And lo, there it was:
Soft, like butter, the perfect shade of red - and leather!

And it's vintage 80s (there's that size 10 again). Check out the classic label:
According to my research, Ocean West Leathers has been around since 1979 - they still make leather motorcycle clothing. By the way, this gorgeous skirt was only $19.99. What a deal!

I hope you had a lovely sunny weekend!


  1. So much to love! Yellow bangle and leather, navy tulle, gorgeous Desigual dress, Fluevogs, and new plaid just to name a few, how marvellous! I'm dying over the matching headband. Congrats on the dream red skirt too!

    Thanks for your kind comments on our mutual hive hell! I was already gluten intolerant, now giving the side-eye to dairy and corn too. :( :( :( Glad you've all cleared up!

  2. So much awesome fashion today! Love the green strapless and the way it showcases your inky artwork. Oh hey, Vizzini, handsome much?
    Thanks for linking it all up with Visible Monday. xoxo

  3. Really like that blue dress with the navy tulle underneath! :) Such a nice easy transition from casual Friday to after work event Friday too! :)

    Lots of lovely purchases as well - that red skirt is a great find!

  4. Oh my...where to begin. I love the way you paired yellow with these looks. The red rosette wedges are lovely. I'd love to spend a day with you in your closet. Fantastic and dazzling. Found you via Bloglovin' and following you!

    Barbara @

  5. What a post! What clothes! An abundance of fashion and fun. So glad to see you living life to the fullest.

  6. Not only do I love all the outfits, but it looks like you had a great "thrifting" weekend. I think perhaps I love the insanely awesome plaid skirt best...I confess to having a life long weakness for plaids of all sorts.

  7. Love that Desigual dress! They always have such gorgeous prints.

  8. So many clothes, all so lovely! The halterneck dress is very pretty, love those red wedges. And you found some great new buys, the red leather skirt is fab, so is the silk dress, and the taffeta skirt is a shorter version of the one Shelley sent me (as worn by Clementine in Vogoff!) xxx

  9. Love the dresses and so many possibilities of styling them. That yellow jacket is fab too, leather?

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  10. He he! Love the close ups of Vizzini! Crazy cat eyes!!!

    I love the turquoise/aqua dress with the yellow sweater - and how awesome that it has pockets. Dresses with pockets are the best!

    I can't wait to see you wear the new plaid dress!

  11. I really enjoy the contents of your closet and your shopping finds. You have the most incredible good fortune; I can't wait to see the new duds on th' blog.

    Your casual Friday looks uber-glamorous to me; that teal dress is amaze-balls. It's also perfect to show off your lovely ink.

    Mooning over cat face. I've discovered I'm Sasha Jane's

    Love, peace & grace,

  12. WOW--Where to start!1 love the first outfit--anything involving the Aqua fluevogs of awesomeness is a winner in my book!! I love the detailinhg on the dress-it's cute on it's own with the yellow!! I love all of your outfits!!
    And double wow on all of your scores!! I can't wqait to see how you style everything!!

    But best of all--the outfit accessorized with the always handsome Vizzini!!

  13. What a haul! Great work, Sheila. I am always happy to see you wearing those Vogs - and that yellow jacket is so special. And now you are even more my leather guru, with your new red skirt...

  14. Cutie cutecute! Love that first dress, it's totally versatile! Horray for crazy cat eyes! He sure has turned into a little blooper ball of cat, I was looking back at a couple of your old posts with him as a kitten. Tiny little buggers grow up so fast!!

    I need a warning label on your shopping posts. OHEMGEE that wiggle skirt and the red leather gorgeousness.

  15. You always have the best weekends! How do you do it?! Anyways, I am in love with the red leather skirt. You have to do an outfit of the day with it before winter!!

  16. The back detail on that teal/turqouise dress is pretty amazing!

  17. The taffeta and the silk colourful dress? All in one post? Are you TRYING to make me come over there or what? Awesome score. You are like a fresh west coast breeze coming at me after not visiting you in too long.

  18. Where to begin ... so much to love! Black tulle peeking out on both dresses jacket and freaked Vizinni ... black Bay dress (she shoots, she scores!!!!) black skirt, red skirt ... all of it.
    (Cats are just the best family!)
    Did I mention you look gorgeous in all of them? You do.

  19. Oh Vizzini ! he makes me smile :)
    Whenever you wear that Noa Noa tulle bottom I wish I had one, I have a yellow skirt that needs some extra life and i think a tulle would work wonders.
    I love the origami dress, i think that even though it rocks with the short cardi, it's an amazing dress to show off your back and your ink -
    and the shopping... you lucky woman! i am all for that leather skirt.


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