Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Purple Lace and Leopard - and 60s Hawaii

And here we go - another day!
I wanted to wear this purple lace dress again but because I prefer to wear tights with it, I waited for a gloomy, possibly-rainy day for this outfit. Alas (or not) it turned out pretty warm today, and I sweated like crazy on my walk home - wearing a raincoat, no less!

 I last wore this thrifted dress here in May with my floral tights - this time I went leopard.
I got lots of compliments at work today, mostly of the "Whooo! Rar!" variety accompanied by pawing motions at my legs.

The stuff:
I love these little suede booties. Studerific! I last wore them here in March with my black suede maxi skirt.

Big bling today:
I love this necklace - such a sweet bigass piece.

Dress (Jacob, thrifted), tights (Le Chateau), booties (Sam Edelman), necklace (gift from blogger Tina), bracelet (Club Monaco), ring (Twang & Pearl).

Last night I went with Mom to see her friend Kathy, whom I've known for my whole life - they met while having me and Kathy's daughter Karlee waaaaay back in 1967. Zoiks, I'm old.

Kathy is downsizing her mom's home, and asked if I wanted to look through Joyce's jewelry. Well, YEAH! Unfortunately for me, but fortuitously for Kathy, I'd referred her to the place where we got our couch this weekend, as they do home contents evaluations - and they cleaned her out of all the good stuff! Ah, well, I still had a nice visit. She was cool with letting me got through what was left. She gave me this lovely Towle Silversmiths card holder for my blog cards (there's something Vizzini can't chew on!).
And those lovely silver earrings.

I asked if Joyce had any interesting clothes, and I found this amazing dress:
Classic 60s! I had to model it for everyone (oh, you'll see it this weekend, patience), and Kathy wanted me to have it.

It's Hawaiian silk (Joyce lived there for many years), and check out the back.
 I love the colours and the style - it's amazing on. It reminds me of Curtisse's vintage dresses.

Check out the labels:
Tori Richard is still around as a company - they made all original designs and patterns, and Andrade Honolulu is the store this dress would have been sold in. It's a wonderful soft silky fabric.

Thank you so much, Kathy, for these wonderful mementos of you and your mom. I will treasure them!


  1. Aaaawwwwesome! Purple - leopard - Hawaii!?! Sounds like a movie I want to star in!

  2. What lovely treasure Kathy gave you. I'm glad you could give them a good home! :)

    Really like that purple lace dress too, and I giggled when you described the fun compliments you were getting at work! :)

  3. Wow, what an amazing dress you found of Joyce's. So nice of Kathy to let you have it!

    And I LOVE the leopard tights with this dress - fantastic!

  4. Love your leopard, lace and kick-ass booties!! RAWR!!

    OMG that Hawaiian dress is fantastic!! I can't wait to see how you style it!

  5. How nice of her to let you have it - I can imagine you wearing this dress and adding your own style to how you'll wear it-
    and those are some nice silver earrings!

  6. Oh yes yes yes! I am very predictable, I LOVE that 1960s maxi! Such great colours and sleeves.
    The purple lace frock with the leopard tights looks awesome too. xxx

  7. ^^ I knew Curtise would love the dress! It's a beauty. Look forward to seeing those earrings on too, the shape of them is great.


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