Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend - and Book Blurbs

This is a long weekend for us - we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday with Victoria Day ("the 24th of the May is the Queen's birthday!" we are taught as children). Woot! Day off today/Monday!

Yesterday, L and I went out for lunch and then to the mall to buy him work shirts (I bought a new jacket, which I'll show at some point). I couldn't resist wearing my new "Le Chat Noir" t-shirt that I bought in Paris - it's the only really touristy thing that I got. It reminds me of Othello.
Edit: This jacket is one of my consignment finds - it was a spring '06 item from the Gap. I've worn it once here. It's turquoise corduroy.

I got the sandals for $20 at Shoe Warehouse on Saturday. Last year, when I was in the midst of my year-long "no new clothes or shoes", I had an awful time finding sandals and summer casual shoes. These should last the summer.
I got the orange scarf in my hair a few months ago and just haven't worn it. It helps keep my hair down when we have the top down on the Miata.

As promised, here's my new bag by Ollie & Nic:
It's a very soft fake leather, with a big centre pocket and front and back zip sections:
My odds & sods bag in there. I love the soft flannel fabric on the inside.

Inside the back zip:
Those are my Strepsils for my cough (I got sick in London, and am still trying to shake it).

I finished two books while on holiday! Hurray for reading time!

Stats: 261 pages. Started May 5th (in London) and finished May 12th (also in London).

Blurb: My second favourite Palahniuk book, after "Invisible Monsters". I have only read 4 of his books ("Fight Club" and "Snuff" being the others), and have about 3 others in my stack of books to be read. I enjoy his writing style - it's very staccato, with choppy sentences and odd points of view, but they work for me.

I really liked the plot of this one: a trailer trash girl who's always dreamed of specific locales becomes an artist who paints them...and falls in love with a man who comes from that place. What happens from there is weird and strange and creepy (almost in a "Stepford Wives" kind of way), and Palahniuk builds the suspense right up to the end. Vivid imagery and characters.

Stats: 243 pages. Started May 12th, finished May 17th.

Blurb: I'm a big fan of Ray Bradbury and Robert A. Heinlein, both contemporaries of Poul Anderson's. I own 24 of Bradbury's books and 23 of Heinlein's, so I was hoping for more of the same from Anderson. Maybe this was not the best book for dipping my toes into his literary waters - but I'll probably read a couple more of his before I write him off completely.

This book is actually a compilation of five of his "Time Patrol" stories, in which agents travel back and forth in time, working to keep events on track. Naturally, things get mucked up frequently and have to be fixed. The main character is Mason Everard, sort of a stoic Han Solo type of man, very much in the 1950s/1960s model of "how a man should be". The stories were interesting, giving a lot of historical background on the events they were based around (I skimmed some of it, not being especially interested in Persian kings c. 546 AD.

Anyway, I'll read a couple of Anderson's other books (we have a few that we picked up second hand some months back) and see if I want to continue reading him.

Next book: "The Book of Negroes" by Lawrence Hill (a Book Club book, picked by Daisy). I'm already halfway through this (started it today).


  1. I love all the bright colors in your outfit! I lovelovelove the orange sandals. The t-shirt is adorable!

    I like Palahniuk's stuff, I've only read Fight Club and one other book but have at least two other's of his on my "to-read" list.

    Anyway, I hope you're feeling better. Being sick after a vacation sucks.

  2. Is it my screen or is that jacket actual teal? (I like teal!)

  3. Lucky you... got a day off!
    This outfit looks really cute, I love how that skirt fits.

  4. Cute! I like how the orange scarf and sandals play off each other.

  5. I want everything you are wearing, including the purse!

    I can go either way with Palahniuks stuff, it is kind of like a car crash, repulsive at times, but you can't look away.

    My Mother-in-Law who lives in Calgary sent me The Book of Negroes and I really loved it, I'll be interested in what you think. Trivial fact: this book is called "Someone Knows My Name" in the US as they thought the term Negro was derogatory...

  6. I wonder the same thing as WendyB- fabulous jacket! Is it new? Love it! I'm currently looking for a jacket and had figured that either teal or olive green would do the trick- so I'm on jacket alert right now!
    I have that Palahniuk on my list, and thanks to you, I think it's going to be the next one I read! Ahhh, summer reading!

  7. Thanks, Megan! I would recommend this one if you like Palahniuk. Thanks, I just have a hacking cough now.

    Wendy, it's a light teal/turquoise, like turquoise stone.

    Lorena, yay! Thanks!

    Thanks, Alison!

    Lesa, ha! You can buy the purses online. Yeah, I've had a similar reaction with his books - still, they are a good read, even if I don't like the characters.

    Oh, cool. I did find about the title when I Googled it for a link.

    Rita, no, it's new-to-me, but it's from the Spring '06 collection at the Gap. I'm always on the alert for a cute jacket! Let me know what you think of the book.

  8. I looked for "Diary" today at my favorite indy bookseller, and they didn't have it or "Invisible Monsters", harumph. I got "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" instead, as I am embarrassed that I haven't read it yet. Already done with the first chapter! They said they'd order "Diary" for me though, so that remains next!

  9. Rita, oh, that sucks, but I've heard "Girl" is good (I saw the movie and liked it).


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