Tuesday, May 18, 2010

London - Mind the Gap!

After a 10 hour flight, Mom, L and I arrived in London. Trying not to give in to jet lag and lack of sleep on the plane (thank you, loud couple who talked the entire flight and rattled my seat constantly), we set out to explore our neighbourhood.

Hyde Park:
Mom and L ahead of me. This was the only really sunny day we had.

"Down to Hyde Park - lovely! Statues and monuments everywhere. Hot and sunny.

Buckingham Palace: much ado with police about [this was just after the UK election]. Someone "important" comes out and the crowd goes wild! "
Walk around Buckingham Palace (no to the very expensive Queen's Gallery & Royal Doulton Gift Shop), back to Hyde Park. I am exhausted and cranky. We get a bit lost on all the trails.

The next day, we venture out into the London Underground. I love the Tube; it is signed beautifully (we never ever got lost or took the wrong train), the trains run constantly and it's clean.

Don't forget:
Okay, tell me this doesn't look like the scene in "American Werewolf in London" where the late-night commuter is about to be eaten!
"Much confusion about how to cash in our 3-day passes [Mom ordered them through her travel agent in Canada]. Finally make it to Picadilly Circus - wondrous shopping on Regent Street!"
Guess what I got?
I ventured into the very chi-chi Aquascutum, and immediately headed for the 50% off sale upstairs. And what did I find? Manolo Blahniks for 75 pounds (about $111 Canadian/$107 US). Oh yes, indeedy, I did!

I had to ask...Manolos sell for over $200, easy! Why so cheap? Turns out these were worn by the Aquascutum models in a runway show, so they had to mark them down since they were technically used shoes. Score! I've never been so happy to have big feet!

Anyway, today's outfit is built around the Manolos:
The blouse is also new - I picked it up for $2 in a thrift store yesterday. It's vintage (no label). I liked the flower at my waist.

But I know, you want to see the shoes:
Those are seriously the highest heels I've ever worn. Good thing I didn't have to walk further than to the bathroom or the printer!

The stuff:
It's really bright out today, so all my colours are a bit more washed out than they actually were.

They scored the bottoms of the shoes so the models wouldn't slip:
And for those of you asking how Inigo is doing after losing his pal, thank you, he's good. He's really happy to have us back after being gone for two weeks, and was very needy and lovey with us for a couple of days. He's lost a bit of weight (I'm sure due to not stealing Othello's food), but is still very purry and happy:
Eyes of love! Happy paws!

Blouse (vintage, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petite), belt (Bianca Nygard), flower (Roberta's Hats), shoes (Manolo Blahnik), bracelet (Mom's, vintage).


  1. What a great score on the Manolos! The shoe gods were certainly smiling on you for that outing!
    Beautiful outfit- I love the vintage blouse.
    Inigo looks all happy and relaxed in that pic- glad to hear he's doing well. I'll bet he's quite pleased that you're back.
    When one of our cats passed away, and we brought her empty carrier home from the vet, (and we had brought home an empty carrier before, as she was at the vet quite a bit toward the end- so that wasn't new) our other cat immediately knew something was wrong- he went into her carrier, came right out, then started meowing, yelping and frantically searching the house for her. He went to all of her hiding places and called for her. Then he sat in the middle of our kitchen floor and howled for about an hour. Then he fell asleep.
    He was upset and pretty clingy for about two weeks, then he went back to (mostly) normal.
    It's amazing what they know intuitively.
    Now he's gone too, and I miss them both, still. Always will.

  2. *amazing* shoes - what a fantastic find! Suddenly wishing I had bigger feet...

    London sounds hectic, but it looks like you had a good time over here :) Looking forward to more of your travel and shopping adventures.

  3. Those are happy paws indeed! (Want one of my kittens? They are driving me bonkers!)

    Congrats on the shoe score!

  4. Super hot shoes!!! Love Love Love!

    The photos from your trip as just divine.

    I'm sure your kitty will smoother you will love and purrs to welcome you both back.

  5. Oh London !
    I want to go back...
    But, right now I have shoe envy... great pair !!!!

  6. LOVE the shoes. And what a score on the price~! It sounds like you had a good time.

    Inigo is so photogenic.

    (also my word verification is "catty" lol!)

  7. Sheila, those shoes are beautiful and BRAND NEW!!! Lucky you! as I know I will neverhave a pair of those on my feet. If I were you I just might sleep in them!

    I KNOW that our other animals felt it both when my cat (jesse) died and when my husband's dog died. They look for them and I think they feel nervous and confused, but they do bounce back,much easier than we do i think *sigh*

  8. Looks like so much fun and to be able to buy some Manolos!! Way cool. Were they comfy?

    Love the Inigo pic, so cute, love the paws!

    Oh, BTW, I finally got a job and started today. It was a good day!

  9. Thanks, Rita! I think so too! Aw, your poor kitty. I think Inigo has known for a while that Othello was sick - his behaviour had been odd as well.

    Thanks, Cat! I had a great time - more adventures to come!

    Kasmira, ah, don't you love rambunctious kittens? Ha! Thanks!

    Thanks, LaShaune! Oh, he is, believe me.

    Lorena, I loved London - I definitely want to go back. Thanks!

    Megan, thanks!

    Lesa, yes, it's like a holiday miracle, haha! Yes, you're right, they do bounce back easier.

  10. Alison, those shoes are NOT comfy at all! But they look great.

    Congratulations on the job - that's awesome!!

  11. Congrats on your score, that was fantastic! And think about it, you were very lucky to get some neutral, classic Manolos, these babies won't be out of fashion in the next... never? :)

  12. R, you're right - I don't think these will ever go out of style. Now, if I can keep from breaking my ankles when I wear them...

  13. Yes ! I remember these :) so very high.

    1. I'm glad I have the pics, but they just destroyed my feet, Lorena! So high!


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