Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Figure Painted - The Green Bay Packer Dragon

I haven't done a figure since Johnny Big Hand here - other things have been occupying my time. But I find it very calming and relaxing to sit and quietly paint with some music on, and just let my mind wander where it may.

This dragon has been waiting for me to finish it for about 6 months.
Link here if you're interested in seeing other pieces I've done or what they look like in progress - I didn't take any "in progress" pictures of this guy.
I called him the Green Bay Packer dragon because I did his base colours in the bright yellow and dark green of the Packers' team colours. Most of the yellow was painted over (just enough remains on his chest and wings), and you can see a bit of the dark green around the body scales. I layer up the colours to give the piece depth.
I also made the base (it's one of those cheap pine plaques from Michael's). I sprayed it brown, sanded the edges, added the dirt and rocks (they are modelling dirt and rocks, not real ones).
I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. This figure is 4" tall, not including the base.


  1. *admires!* That's a gorgeous painted dragon figure. You have a wonderful skill there!

  2. You did a wonderful job on him Sheila! What's you next project?

  3. Thanks, Megan! It's a fun hobby.

    Wendy, thanks!

    Thank you, Jen. The next piece up is a blacksmith. He should be done in the next month.

  4. I love all the depth you get in your figures. You have such a steady hand! Very, Very Cool!

  5. Thanks, Alison - many years of practice! Glad you like it.

  6. *drops in to make sure Sheila's not expired*

    Is it just me or is that outstretched claw completely unconvincing? Rowr. With a lisp. I don't buy it. Total affectation. It looks more like he's reaching out to grope a boob. I've never seen a dragon boob, but I'd imagine they're scaly - which goes a long way to explaining his expression.

    Nice job on the drybrushing. I too am only 4" tall.

    *security shows up and escorts Dishpig off of premises*

  7. No, I haven't expired, but I do smell kinda funny sometimes. :-P

    Yeah, it's a rather poncy dragon, for sure. Sometimes it's hard to tell how they will look when they're in the blister pack.


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