Monday, May 10, 2010

Never Seen - Special Stuff!

Today's installment of "Never Seen" features things that are near and dear to me, things that are really special.

My wedding gear:
My purse and shoes. You can see that the shoes still have a bit of mud on the heel from tromping around gardens taking pictures after the ceremony. I love the shape of these shoes, with the bigass bows and little Louis heels.

Mom bought these for me.
I guess "Touch Ups" and the paintbrush symbol means they can be dyed to match your dress. Oh, lucky bridesmaids (fortunately for her, I did not require my single maid of honour to wear a particular colour or style).

The purse has a long cord style strap. Here are the shoes on:
What do you think? Should I maybe dye these and rotate them into my shoe wardrobe? I am not inclined to at this point.

I think I got the purse at Eatons.
Aw, it still has my Kleenex inside (not used, that would be gross, although I did cry a lot 'cause I'm like that).

These next pieces were all snagged out of my Dad's wardrobe in the 80s. They are all wool...sometimes I think I can smell him still.
I used to wear this with a khaki pencil skirt. Why??

This sweater is so near and dear to me. I wore it all through high school and up to the time Dad died (in 1997):
Mom knitted it for him either when they were dating or early on in their marriage. I used to spray it with Jovan Musk to make it not smell like wet dog. It still smells musky.

I recall wearing this with self-distressed purple jeans (ripped and sprayed with bleach) in 1985-86.

This is another sweater that I wore in high school. I remember wearing it with a full, mid-calf red skirt and a black top, with a chunky beaded choker.
Mom also knit this one, same era as the green sweater, and made a matching one for herself. I gave the matching one to a friend in 1985. It has leather buttons, which Othello liked to chew on when he was a kitten (I wore it around the house)...they have little tiny teeth marks on them. little kitty.

Ah, memories. Hope you enjoyed these!


  1. Awwww, I wish I had kept some of the old sweaters I hung on to for years, but eventually I packed them in.

    I am very behind on commenting, but I am loving every one of these Never Seen series!

  2. I have a weakness for wedding accessories. I could stare at them for hours. Sooo pretty.

  3. Such awesome memories in those sweaters. Especially the last one which you get two specials memories in that one sweater. I have a few of my grandpa's flannel shirts that I love, sometime my hubby wears them. It's so fun when I find a picture of my grandpa and I have the shirt he's wearing.

  4. WOW...
    This reminds me of 2 sweaters I keep.
    One is in a chest at home and it use to be my great grandmother's, the other which belong to my great aunt Dora I am wearing today.
    I leave it at work so I can put it on when it gets chilly.
    She died a few years ago. She jumped off a plane at the age of 82 (parachuting) ... what a spirit !

  5. I'm just getting caught up on all my blog reading, and I'm loving these "never seen" posts! So fun! I especially love all your hats -- you should wear them more often!

  6. Kristen, I actually had more and had to pare it down to these three. Glad you are enjoying these posts!

    Thanks, Jenny!

    Jane, nah, I don't like them that much. Plus, they are a little tight and they scream "bridesmaid" to me.

    Alison, yes, I can't ever let them go. It's awesome to have that piece of someone you loved.

    Lorena, such great memories! I am glad you have that sweater of your aunt's.

    Thanks so much, Audi! I know...I will try to wear more hats!

  7. I have a pair of those shoes, love them!!! But I dont know what year they are from-- I got mine second hand. Can you tell me what year you purchased yours. Mine are the same style and logo, just a different color!

  8. Salvato, I bought them in 1997, the year I got married. They were on sale for about $199, I think. They were meant to be dyed.


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