Monday, May 10, 2010

Never Seen - Special Stuff!

Today's installment of "Never Seen" features things that are near and dear to me, things that are really special.

My wedding gear:
My purse and shoes. You can see that the shoes still have a bit of mud on the heel from tromping around gardens taking pictures after the ceremony. I love the shape of these shoes, with the bigass bows and little Louis heels.

Mom bought these for me.
I guess "Touch Ups" and the paintbrush symbol means they can be dyed to match your dress. Oh, lucky bridesmaids (fortunately for her, I did not require my single maid of honour to wear a particular colour or style).

The purse has a long cord style strap. Here are the shoes on:
What do you think? Should I maybe dye these and rotate them into my shoe wardrobe? I am not inclined to at this point.

I think I got the purse at Eatons.
Aw, it still has my Kleenex inside (not used, that would be gross, although I did cry a lot 'cause I'm like that).

These next pieces were all snagged out of my Dad's wardrobe in the 80s. They are all wool...sometimes I think I can smell him still.
I used to wear this with a khaki pencil skirt. Why??

This sweater is so near and dear to me. I wore it all through high school and up to the time Dad died (in 1997):
Mom knitted it for him either when they were dating or early on in their marriage. I used to spray it with Jovan Musk to make it not smell like wet dog. It still smells musky.

I recall wearing this with self-distressed purple jeans (ripped and sprayed with bleach) in 1985-86.

This is another sweater that I wore in high school. I remember wearing it with a full, mid-calf red skirt and a black top, with a chunky beaded choker.
Mom also knit this one, same era as the green sweater, and made a matching one for herself. I gave the matching one to a friend in 1985. It has leather buttons, which Othello liked to chew on when he was a kitten (I wore it around the house)...they have little tiny teeth marks on them. little kitty.

Ah, memories. Hope you enjoyed these!


  1. Awwww, I wish I had kept some of the old sweaters I hung on to for years, but eventually I packed them in.

    I am very behind on commenting, but I am loving every one of these Never Seen series!

  2. I have a weakness for wedding accessories. I could stare at them for hours. Sooo pretty.

  3. Dye those white shoes!!!!! That is all.

  4. Such awesome memories in those sweaters. Especially the last one which you get two specials memories in that one sweater. I have a few of my grandpa's flannel shirts that I love, sometime my hubby wears them. It's so fun when I find a picture of my grandpa and I have the shirt he's wearing.

  5. WOW...
    This reminds me of 2 sweaters I keep.
    One is in a chest at home and it use to be my great grandmother's, the other which belong to my great aunt Dora I am wearing today.
    I leave it at work so I can put it on when it gets chilly.
    She died a few years ago. She jumped off a plane at the age of 82 (parachuting) ... what a spirit !

  6. I'm just getting caught up on all my blog reading, and I'm loving these "never seen" posts! So fun! I especially love all your hats -- you should wear them more often!

  7. Kristen, I actually had more and had to pare it down to these three. Glad you are enjoying these posts!

    Thanks, Jenny!

    Jane, nah, I don't like them that much. Plus, they are a little tight and they scream "bridesmaid" to me.

    Alison, yes, I can't ever let them go. It's awesome to have that piece of someone you loved.

    Lorena, such great memories! I am glad you have that sweater of your aunt's.

    Thanks so much, Audi! I know...I will try to wear more hats!

  8. I have a pair of those shoes, love them!!! But I dont know what year they are from-- I got mine second hand. Can you tell me what year you purchased yours. Mine are the same style and logo, just a different color!

  9. Salvato, I bought them in 1997, the year I got married. They were on sale for about $199, I think. They were meant to be dyed.


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