Friday, May 7, 2010

Never Seen - Outerwear!

I don't have too much outerwear in my archive - I am not really much of a coat person. I am, however, a cape person! You may recall this cape from this past Hallowe'en:
This one I bought new in one of those stores that caters to pin-up/tattoo/skate punk style. I think it was around $50, but it's handmade.

I love capes. There is just something about the grandeur of wearing one. You swoop and they swirl around you like smoke. Awesome.

I had admired this cape in a vintage store for years, back in the late 90s, before L and I were married. The owner used to not let people try it on unless they were serious about buying it. I finally decided to buy it - on layaway, because I had no money. It was $250.00, making it easily the most expensive vintage item I've ever bought.One day, I came home and there it was, laid out on the bed. L had paid it off for me. What a guy.

It's absolutely gorgeous - the chartreuse thick velvet and the thick black satin.
I kid you not, it weighs about 25 pounds. It's an effort to put it on! I still wear this, but only when I know it can be hung up safe somewhere.

This coat isn't vintage at all, but it's just so kickass, I had to keep it, even though it's way too big for me.
It's PVC, and I got it at Fairweather about 7-8 years ago for around $45. Our friend Geoff wore this at our Goth party about 6 years ago (he was dressed as Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

This coat actually belonged to my mom, so I know it's from the early to mid-60s. She wore it while she was pregnant with my brother and me:That's a real mink collar, although sadly rather ratty-looking now. I used to wear this amazing coat to high school in 1984-85, which is how I acquired it.

Love that satin lining!
One of the buttons has fallen off, but I still have it.

It's another heavy coat, so I keep it on this old drycleaner's hanger:I love the old phone numbers:
I bought this vintage coat about 15 years ago:
It was my dressy-going-out coat for years. It's a really soft, thick velvet.

Love the purple satin lining!
The pockets are totally shot - they've been replaced.

And I got this coat about 17 years ago. I used to wear it with a Burberry plaid short skirt and a brown turtleneck and pumps. I felt very chic.
It has no buttons, just hangs at the front.
I love the big cuffs and the puff of the structured shoulder. It has a teeny moth-hole on the front, which it had when I bought it.

That's all my outerwear! Hope you enjoyed these.


  1. I love that last red jacket!

    Having a coat that was your mother's is pretty special too.

  2. So many looks! That purple velvet is stunning ... I'm still contemplating the high school coat with mink collar ... and I like the red jacket. What great flair on display here today!

  3. I'm just catching up, but I'm loving all these. You have and AMAZING wardrobe. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. *swoons over the capes* I love the PVC long coat too.

  5. I love the spike from Buffy coat - I have a silat ling leather one iused to wear back in the day where I used to dress like a vampire ;) But the coat is still wearable today now I'm not so much of a goth :)

    Sal xXx

  6. That chartreuse cape is amazing! I've sewn mid-length capes for costumes before but never for everyday wear. And that purple coat, I love the purple velvet coat *sigh*

  7. I wanna see a pic of your friend dressed as Spike!

  8. Ooh, how fun! I love the capes they are such fun fantasy wear to me! I love coats and have way too many.

  9. You are really pulling out stuff from the trunk !
    Sheila, you have so many goodies stashed away....
    My fave is the purple coat and I screamed a little on the old hanger..wao.

  10. I love the coat your mother wore! My mother had a similar coat with a fur collar that she wore when we were very young. We always called it her 'kitty cat coat' and asked to pet the collar. I wish she'd held onto it, along with a lot of other cool things she owned, because I'd totally wear them now!

  11. Thanks, Northmoon - I love that one too.

    Rebecca, thanks! Those velvet coats are a dime a dozen here in the thrift shops.

    Thanks, Jenny!

    Megan, I know, capes are killer.

    Sal, thanks!

    Jen, isn't it awesome? And I hardly ever wear them. Sad.

    Wendy, nuh-uh, lady. But he did look a lot like Spike!

    Thanks, Alison! I actually don't have many coats at all.

    Lorena, yup, you're going to see it all! Glad you liked the old hanger. Me too!

    Thanks, pear! I snagged my mom's stuff before she could weed them out.


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