Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jet Setting - Special Occasion! Tony's Birthday

After the stress of this week, L and I were in huge need of a distraction. Fortunately, we had received an invitation from our friend Laura a few weeks ago. Her husband, Tony, went to school with L (L was the best man at their wedding), and today is his 40th birthday. Happy Birthday, Tony!

Anyway, she had arranged a surprise birthday party at his favourite restaurant in Vancouver - and we decided to go. This meant a little last-minute arranging...and we thought, "What the hell, let's not waste time on the ferry," so we hopped on board this:
I have never ridden in a helicopter before! It was very exciting (and loud, thank goodness for earplugs) to see our city from the air:
I have walked that long breakwater many, many times.

Looking back as we head east:
The trip is only 35 minutes long - compared to about 5 hours by ferry (due to driving, waiting, riding the ferry, more driving, getting stuck in traffic, etc.).

High above the clouds:
Looking down on the Frazer River delta:
Ooh! I see Vancouver's downtown!
We caught the 8 am flight back and were back in our place by 9 this morning, just in time to feed Inigo and have a nap...*yawn*. We were up till 1 am the night before - fun party!

Since this was a "surgical strike" to Van and back, I basically wore my party outfit over there and back.
I thought the boots were more practical for clambering in and out of the helicopter. My Ann Taylor jean jacket, basic black scarf and my Aldo consignment boots complete the casual look.

You may remember this dress from my birthday party last year. With a quick switch of shoes, I was ready to look fabulous:
I accessorized with my rocker cuff, black hoop earrings, my snake and spider ring and black fishnets, capped off with my JLo shoes.

Dress (London Times).


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos all around, Sheila! The sky views are mesmerizing. The outfit totally rocks. (I'm all over those boots!) I'm always amazed at your finds via consignment/thrift.

    Happy to read you and L enjoyed a great trip! Happy B'day to Tony :-)

  2. Gasp!!! That dress is gorgeous on you.

  3. Totally badass! Your hair is really rocking~ That dress is amazing. I love the versatility of it.

  4. WOW... that must have been fun.
    I got on on one for the first time 2 years ago and it was thrilling... I loved every minute in the air.
    That is such a pretty dress--- anyway you wear it !

  5. Oh wow, what a fabulous way to travel!

    and you look gorgeous, as always :D

  6. Thanks, Jean! We needed the break, and it was fun to just pop into town and back so quickly.

    Jane, a gasp, oh my! Thank you so much!

    Thanks, Sak!

    Thanks, Megan - I love the dress, but it is a little limiting.

    Lorena, it was! Thank you!

    Tat, it was very exciting (and a little scary). Thank you. :)

  7. Stunning!!!!!! What a trip and there can't any better way to take. Glad you were able to go have some fun!!!

  8. I'm late, but this was SO COOL. Thank you for sharing it!

  9. Jet setting indeed! I am so very jealous. BTW, I totally can see this dress with a black cashmere turtleneck sweater - either over or under it. Would be great in the winter.

  10. You're welcome, Kristen! I highly recommend it!

    Tina, I like that idea! I am not much of a turtleneck gal, but I'll find some way to layer this.


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