Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wed, May 6/09 - Son of Dress Week - Art Nouveau and Love Those Boots!

I haven't worn this dress much since last fall - another dress I don't wear much in the winter. I think I may be tired of it, though. I like the pattern (it reminds me of Art Nouveau) and I like the dress, don't get me wrong. But if I find a dress I like better, I could let this go. I've been jonesing for new dresses lately. I really wanted to get at least one more wear out of these new Fluevog boots before summer hits, so I did black accessories with the dress so that they'd go.

Those boots are to die for. Seriously. I'd shed blood. Okay, not really, but if I fell down in them, I'd probably bleed.

Dress (Plum), cami (InWear), boots (Fluevog), necklace (Plum), earrings (The Cobbler).


  1. You're so right about the boots. They are to die for. I love the heel.

  2. Thanks, Chi Princesa (and welcome!). Fluevogs are the best ever, in my opinion.

    Agreed, Kaylyn!

  3. LOVE the boots. It's sad to think that they will be put away for the summer soon. Maybe you'll have to clear a spot in your closet so you can look at them from time to time.

  4. I know...but I know I'll have them for years, and I don't have to get all my wear out of them at once. I just think of how happy I'll be when I can pull them out again around October.


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