Sunday, May 17, 2009

Casual Friday - Rock Concert T-Shirt

My work had a contest this week: submit your story for your best or worst rock concert. The winner would get tickets to go see Randy Bachman (of BTO) and Burton Cummings (of The Guess Who), both famous dinosaurs of Canadian rock. Not really to my taste, but I always like to talk about myself, so why not enter!

I submitted my Alice Cooper concert experience, including pictures, as written about here (minus the Fluevogs). I didn't win (it was a random draw).

In keeping with the theme, work declared Friday "Wear your Rock T-Shirt" day. Of course, I went with my Alice shirt:
Hee, doing my "Evil Eye" fingers.

As well as my recuperating thigh soreness, I managed to break one of my toes on the edge of L's briefcase (I may have been drinking, I admit nothing), so I wore my Vans, but they worked fine with the outfit.

I dug out some of my 80s gear for accessories. My ear cuff:
That's a real diamond, by the way. Those are my 10th anniversary gift from L. Another sort of vintage 80s thing: I had my 2nd earring hole pierced when I was 14 years old, in grade 9. How time flies.

I also found my snake and spider rings. The snake I bought when I was 18 and volunteering at the local museum gift shop. I remember it was $25 (a lot of money to me then), but I loved it. The spider ring was a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad from one of their travels (somewhere in the US?). I like how the legs wrap around my finger.
It's a long weekend here - Victoria Day (named after Queen Victoria; my city does a parade and everything) - so I won't be doing an outfit on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

T-shirt (Alice Cooper '08 tour), jeans (Esprit), belt (gift from Ruth), shoes (Vans), ear cuff (vintage 80s), snake ring (Royal BC Museum gift shop), spider ring (gift from Mom and Dad).


  1. Love the vintage 80's accessories! I should take a look through my jewelry, I know I have a pair snake earrings and an ear cuff that is attached via chain to an earring. I think I even have a skull ring in there somewhere. I think your vans work great with the rocker tee. Bummer about your toe, but those things happen sometimes.

    (Ooo, cool word verification "kings")

  2. That jewelry looks like so much fun! Love it!

  3. oops hit enter too soon.....
    What I was going to say is, that's the only spiders and snakes I could handle LOL!

  4. Thanks, Alison! I had a rather large collection of creepy crawly jewelry back in the day.

    Thanks, Sher. Yeah, me too. Not a fan of the live ones!


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