Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mon, May 4/09 - Son of Dress Week - Red and Polka Dots

Can it really be that I haven't done a Dress Week since January?? How do these things happen? In keeping with my B-movie theme Dress Week titles, this week was "Son of Dress Week" (following "It Came From Dress Week" in January, "Return of Dress Week" in September '08, and "Dress Week" (how creative) in May '08).

My lovely polka dot dress:
It's a very light satin fabric, so I tend not to wear it in warm weather. The shoes are new; I took a huge bag of clothes to my favourite consignment shop (shout out to Annie at Leche's!) and got $60 credit, of which I used $18 for these puppies. Never worn!

The ruby red beauties:
Aren't they sweet? I love a kitten heel Mary Jane. No stuff with the polka dot dress (it's fussy enough as it is - I think extra jewelry is just too much), just the belt it came with and the shoes and simple stud earrings.

Dress (Do & Be), shoes (Predictions, consignment).


  1. I really like the polka dot dress. I just picked up a polka dot scarf and still trying to figure out how to wear it. I love the red kitten heels, what a great find.

  2. Try it in your hair, tying a ponytail? Then you don't have to worry about matching it to stuff.

    I love the shoes too. And they are so comfy!


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