Sunday, May 17, 2009

Special Occasion: Dinner and Theatre with Mom

To start the holiday weekend right, Mom and I had our last theatre outing of the season. We went to see "To The Ends of The Earth" by Morris Panych - we both really enjoyed it. We did our usual dinner out beforehand too. Of course, I dressed up, but my broken toe prohibited any heels.
I love this dress - the shape is so Audrey. I went with my new red kitten heels, and threw on my long wool sweater for the (slow) walk down to the restaurant.
I kept the accessories simple: brooch (worn at the waist), earrings, and glitzy bag.
I played with the beaded fringe all night.

Dress (Le Chateau), sweater (Express, consignment), shoes (Predictions), brooch (Plum), earrings (don't recall), bag (Fairweather, c. 1999).


  1. Very pretty. The bag is so fun and great for an evening at the theater. The dress looks so easy to wear and comfortable too. But, has such a great elegance to it as well.

    Sorry to hear about your poor toe, that is not fun at all.

  2. I love that dress - it's very flattering. And what a great idea to put a brooch on the waist of a dress - I never would have thought of that.

  3. Flattering maybe, but not for a young woman. It's mostly dull looking. No color, no pattern, no interesting design. The dress could go on mom, grandma or great grandma and get the same response.
    You're too young to dress like great grandma! Liven up your look girl!

  4. Thanks, Anon. I respectfully disagree. Perhaps you can't see the pattern and colour and design in the picture (I'm not a pro photographer), but I like the dress. Sure, I may have been a bit boring in picking my outfit, but I was with a bunch of seniors and I had just broken my toe the night before. I like how you're advising me to liven up my look, and have ignored the hundreds of other more "lively" outfits to focus on this one. Thanks!


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