Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Black and Brown - with Yellow!

I am a total sucker for anything with sequins, embroidery, shiny bits, velvet, satin...I could go on. The whole Stevie Nicks look is a guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago and then completely forgot about it!
It's quite a stiff black material and the waistband is cut like jeans, but really, it's all about the embroidery. Ruth just gave me this lovely sweater vest (thanks!) and there's brown in the embellishment so of course, I had to wear them together. And what better pop than a bit of sunny yellow?

The stuff:
Those shoes are from my fat days, one of the few things I still have. I don't wear them nearly as much as I should. I love all the little details on them. And isn't that embroidery cool? I like that it wraps around the side, over the seam. The necklace/earrings are from Mom (from her trip to Disneyland a couple of months ago).

Blouse (Do & Be), vest (Le Chateau, gift from Ruth), skirt (Nicole Benisti for Point Zero, consignment), shoes (label's worn off, don't remember), necklace/earrings (gift from Mom).


  1. Sheila, thank you for stopping by and offering so many helpful comments! You have such a genius sense of creating sassy and cute outfits, and I really appreciate your advice about adding a little something extra to some of the outfits that didn't feel 100% "finished."

    Yes, I think we must live pretty near by. A couple years ago I actually used to live a lot closer to the Canadian border, but now I'm a couple hours farther south. I used to enjoy being able to pop up to Vancouver for a day trip - it's a more of a weekend commitment now.

    I love what you are wearing today - the yellow is so cheerful and I adore the embroidery on your skirt. You are polished down to the small details.

  2. I love this look - the slightly punky shoes, the yellow blouse and the fabulous skirt.

  3. very cute! really like the pop of yellow.

  4. Oh gosh, me too. A total sucker for embellishment. That skirt is such fun!

  5. You know how much I love skirts...and one with embroidery!! YUM

  6. I hear you about the furbelows. I am the same way. If it's got sparkles or embroidery or ruffles, I melt.

    Your mom really picked out a great necklace for you!

  7. Hey, Kari, you're welcome! I really like your blog and will stop in when I can. Thanks for your kind compliments. Nice to meet another West Coaster. :) Thanks so much!

    Jane, thanks! I can see this look on you.

    Eednic, thanks!

    Sal, isn't it cute? If I didn't restrain myself, everything I own would be embellished.

    Erin, I know! It's so cute.

    Kaylyn, thank you!

    Tina, nice word! Yes, mom has pretty good taste.


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