Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leopard at the Dentist

Have to run - dinner with inlaws.

Today's outfit:
New leopard top and dammit, I wore a pencil skirt to the dentist!
Grandma J's necklace.

Jacket (Gap, consignment), top (Mario Serrani, consignment), skirt (Kensie), shoes (Aerosoles), necklace (Grandma J, 1950s).


  1. Very cute, I'm glad to hear that you survived another dentist appointment. Love the new leopard shirt.

  2. fabulous shoes! and i love a good pencil skirt.

  3. I'm coveting that necklace. Even better that it was your gran's!

  4. You look awesome, is the dentist think you are hitting on him now??? ;)

  5. I might dress up for the dentist next time...that will make it less traumatizing. :)

  6. Thanks, Alison! I'm all done for a few months (phew!). I love the leopard.

    Thanks, eednic - me too.

    Thanks, Jane!

    I love the necklace, Sal - it broke a couple of years ago and I rethreaded it.

    Ha, I don't think so, Erin! I had three sessions with a very sweet hygenist lady. Thank you, Mrs. Kim!

    Wendy, is there any leopard you do not covet??

    Erica, hey, you never know - give it a shot!


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