Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom/Graduation Picture

I was tagged by somebody for one of those Prom Queen things, and I can't remember who, but I know a few of you have done it. Do it if the spirit moves you!

We didn't do Prom back in 1985 (I have no idea if they do now) in Canada, but we did do Grad and it was a big deal. Here's my Grad photo - I'm 17 here.
That is actually my brother, Dave, with me. Nice rented 3-piece disco suit, dude. That suit was totally NOT in style in '85! He was going to his girlfriend's junior high grad the same night (he's 15 in this picture), which is why he is also dressed up.

My dress was Barbara Barbara - it's a brand that's not around any more, but I remember seeing it in a Glamour magazine back then and being very excited that I had a designer brand. I bought it in Hawaii while on vacation with the fam right before grad - it was $75. It had a dropped V-shaped waist trimmed with a wide ruffle, and a slightly-below-the-knee pencil skirt with a slit in the back. The fabric was a crinkled cotton. I wore bigass white metal earrings, very sheer white nylons with white tiny "=" designs and white pumps.

I loved the whole outfit, and it was very classy compared to the lace bombs most of my classmates wore. I could hardly walk in the dress - when I had gotten my Grad certificate and was going back to my seat on the stage, the classmate behind me had to boost me up by the bum so that I could make the step.

My mom bought me the carnation elastic wristband (hated it), and wouldn't let me take it off when my actual date gave me a purple orchid corsage. Boo!

And just because I happened to find something else while I was searching for the grad picture:
That would be Grade 9, 1981, I'm 14 years old, and I am dolled up for the Christmas dance (where I received my first kiss).

Note the oversized aviator frames on my glasses, and the groovy feathered hair. The dress/jacket combo was from Woolco (go, polyester!) as we were pretty poor back then. I thought I looked great. Dances used to be a big ritual for me: I'd do my nails and make-up, curl my hair, shave my legs (I didn't tell my mom - I used my dad's razor and he always claimed they got dull fast, haha).

I like the crazy-looking Christmas tree.


  1. You looked stunning then and are stunning now. See, some things never change! xo

  2. Fantastic pictures - you look so excited int he first picture but your brother looks scared to death!

  3. You were so beautiful on your grad day! And still beautiful now. :) I would probably wear the second dress now. I didn't have my first kiss till I was 18, and I really thought I was going to die an old maid. I felt so tragic. Ha!

  4. What a lovely Grad dress! And it could even be worn now! The one shoulder look is instyle even now.
    You looked great!

  5. I like the shoulder treatment of the white dress. How cute are you! It's fun to look at how we dressed as teens huh? I know I had really big hair, as was the trend in the late 80's.

  6. Thanks, Mervat! You're too kind.

    That's funny, Jane - I was really annoyed with my mom (who took the picture). I was all, "Just take the stupid picture!" My brother was "too cool for school" and didn't want his picture taken either.

    Thanks, Erica - you're very sweet. It's funny how the styles come around again. I was also sure I would die an old maid. Haha!

    It was a beautiful dress, Sher. I only got rid of it about 8 years ago. The one shoulder thing turned into just a spaghetti strap on the back of the dress.

    I liked that too, Alison - it really made it very different than 99% of the dresses around at that time. I wish I had more pictures of my 80s outfits around. I had the spiky short hair for the most part.

  7. I was one of the ones who tagged you. Im glad you participated. You looked so beautiful!

  8. I wanted to tell you, you looked and still look lovely. I'm loving your graduation white dress.

  9. Thanks, Kaylyn! It was a lot of fun digging up the old pictures.

    Thanks, Diane, you are too kind. It was a lovely dress - I miss it.

  10. Actually, this photo is so beautiful! That tree is ROCKIN'. I have my inspiration for my tree next year--yellow and clear tinsel everywhere! My mother sported this very beautiful look when I was a child: feathered hair, large-frame glasses. Maybe I'm partial, but you are just so pretty here.


  11. Thanks, Julia! It was such a Charlie Brown tree, really (and still is - Mom's decorating hasn't gotten any better). You are so sweet, thanks.


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