Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mon, May 11/09 - Black and Blue - and Happy Birthday, Mom!

Not really carrying on Son of Dress Week, but I stopped in at one of my favourite stores, Oscar & Libby's, over the weekend and L bought me 3 lovely pieces of jewelry (on sale, I do love a sale) so I'm featuring them all week.

I built this outfit around the brooch, which has blue stones and is set in copper (a nice change from silver & gold):Sorry for the fuzziness.

I also wanted to wear these shoes that I forgot I owned, so I messed about and came up with this:
Heh, Inigo's coming in for a rub.

The shoes are from 1999, from when Eaton's department store closed in my city. I just always liked the shape. And who'da thunk: platforms and chunky heels? Deja vu! Let's party like it's 1999!

The stuff:
All brown and blue and sparkly. I do love the glittery - I'm such a crow.

This past Monday was my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! You're the absolute best. When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

Dress (Mac & Jac), cardigan (Jacob), cami (Esprit), belt (Plum), brooch (Oscar & Libby's), shoes (Sam & Libby's - when do I get to call them vintage?).


  1. Pretty blue dress. Isn't it fun when you find a pair of loved shoes that you forgot you had? I love that!

  2. It is pretty cool. I have a bunch of shoes that I've never shown on the blog, actually. A few vintage ones, a few that aren't work-appropriate. I'll have to see what I can drag out.


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