Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blanc et Noir

Thanks for all the advice on yesterday's entry re: slips! I have been hunting for one for ages - and thanks to Tina for the dying "recipe".

Blanc et noir means white and black, in case you didn't know. We say "black and white" in English, but it's the other way around in French. Weird.

Anyway, day 2 of my dentist visits in less than a week (another one tomorrow, oh, boy!), so pants again. Also kept everything down to a dull roar and skipped all the jangly accessories.

I felt very French in this stripey top:
It's a thrifted find (Mexx) from the weekend's shop. A nice cotton sweater - it reminds me of the styles from 1999-2001 when I worked in a women's clothing store.

I wore the long corduroy jacket with it most of the day since I was freezing.
My mouth hurts.

Jacket (Jacob), sweater (Mexx, thrifted), pants (Focus 2000), shoes (Miz Mooz).


  1. I love your outfit - the stripes, the coat, the poses- everything.

  2. You look very French indeed, doll! Love those sassy crops.

  3. Love the outfit. Black and white stripes are always cute!

  4. You do look very fashionably french. And i love your coat!!

  5. Ohh, you do look French and chic! I need to pull out my black capris now that it's getting hot here! The coat is lovely, as well.

  6. Thanks, Jane!

    Tis the season for crops, eh, Sal?

    Thanks, Wendy. How have I not had a striped top before now?

    Thanks, Kaylyn, me too.

    Thanks, Diane!

    Thanks, Erica!

  7. Slips are stupidly hard to find. But, I found a couple at Victoria's Secret that do the trick! They're 100% silk, come in colors, and have a perfect unadorned neckline - so you can wear it under dresses and still have it peek out and look like a cami, not like lingerie. I can't find them on the website, but I've seen them in the stores for about a year now. I bought a couple on clearance for $30 - I bet you could find one at the upcoming Semi-annual sale

  8. Thanks, Kelly! We don't actually have Victoria's Secret in my city (I know, it sucks!). But I am keeping an eye out.


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