Friday, May 29, 2009

Casual Friday - Vintage Vest (And...I've Been Recognized)

Okay, before I get into today's outfit, a shout out to Christine at Le Chateau! *waves*

I was browsing through the jewelry section, when I saw her staring at me. "Do you have a blog?" she asks. Oh my god, someone has actually recognized me! Too, too bizarre! I kinda feel like a celebrity, haha!

Have any of you fellow bloggers ever been recognized on the street? I know if I saw Sal, or Mervat, or Jane, or any of you, I would be shrieking like a little girl and jumping up and down. You would run away from my craziness.

Ahem. I'm actually very normal. Well...

Today I felt like wearing some things I've either never worn or haven't worn in ages:
The vest was found in a vintage shop in 1986, when I was 18 years old. It's a men's wool vest, probably from oh...the 1950s? I think it was around $10. Check out the old label:
Apparently, they still have stores in England. When I bought it, it had plastic buttons (very boring), so I bought new ones, but kept one old button so that I'd remember what the old ones looked like. The newer buttons are brass and have a nice military look about them:
The other stuff:
I haven't worn the shoes in ages - I got them just under two years ago, and they've been packed away since early last fall (I've been digging in my closet for summer stuff - I should really clean it out soon).

I have never worn the necklace on the right - it was a gift from L for Christmas one year. What a cow I am for not wearing it! A close-up:

It's so pretty.

I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off, so may post a casual outfit here or there, but otherwise, I'll be back on Wednesday. Have a lovely weekend!

Blouse (French Connection, consignment), vest (Dunn & Co., vintage), skirt (Smart Set), shoes (Expressions), belt (Brave Beltworks), long necklace (, short necklace (Plum, gift from L), earrings (don't remember).


  1. I love the look with the waistcoat and slim skirt. I used to write a column called Family Matters which went in a series of local weekly newspapers. I was shopping in a clothes store once when this woman came up to me and said "I love your column"
    I was so excited that I had been recognised.

  2. Cute outfit and LOVE that you were recognized! Fabulous!

  3. You're famous! Excellent.

    I'm digging your denim skirt and vest combo. I tried to buy a men's vest at Goodwill yesterday. Even my very strong desire to find a vest could not blind me to the fact that it was singularly unflattering. Oh well. The hunt continues.

  4. It's a look I did a lot back in the day, Jane. It's tricky to re-visit and not look like I'm trying to seem younger than I am.

    How cool that you got recognized!

    Thanks, Christy!

    Tina, thanks. Yeah, this vest is very shapeless (I have the adjustor thingy in the back tied instead of buckled to really cinch it in).

  5. I have some pieces like that, which were vintage when I got them and sort of became "re-vintaged" due to the length of time I've owned them. Double vintage!

  6. How cool to be recognized!

    People stare at me all the time, but I think that has more to do with my wacky behavior and crazy shoes than my blog. I did see another fashion blogger (Pump up the Frump) out shopping and squealed like a little girl when I recognized her.

  7. Never been recognized (that people will admit, anyway). But I stopped posting a lot of pictures earlier this decade. But I have been lorrwill since 1998 so you would think someone would connect the dots, so to speak.

  8. How fab that you were recognised Sheila! I would love that to happen to me, but it's unlikely. Love the vest & the wonderful label -
    cheers Sue

  9. Oh how funny! I once had that happen - I made a few posts on a forum/community blog for members of my university for a while, and I once had someone who recognized me just from that. So surreal.

    I love the vintage vest and how you've pulled together such a sharp look from forgotten pieces.

  10. That is so cool that someone recognized you. If I ever met a blogger in person I don't think I would play it cool at all, I'd be pretty darn excited :)

  11. Totally double vintage, Wendy! Love it!

    Kasmira - I would be a silly screaming fan-girl if I saw you. :P

    That's a long time, lorrwill!

    Sue - it could happen! Thanks very much.

    Kari, isn't it the most bizarre thing? Thanks very much!

    It was more weird than cool, Goober, but still cool.

  12. Love the boho chic vibe in the outfit. It's nice and too boho at the same time. Hard to explain what I mean. I am in love with leopard print shoes! Just haven't found some for me yet. Cool to be recognized too, did you feel like a celebrity?

  13. Thanks, Alison! I like to look like I have the "vibe" but without looking too costumey. A thin line.

    Yeah, I did! It was cool.

  14. I have been on the hunt for a vintage leather vest for a couple years now. Lucky!~

    I HAVE been recognized for the blog. Some of the friends I was with thought it was kind of creepy, but I thought it was just about one of the COOLEST things that ever happened to me.

  15. WWWYG, I love vintage leather. I've been watching for a skirt for ages, but they're all those super-high-waisted 80s ones.

    How awesome! We're sister celebrities!


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