Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swing and a Miss - And Special Guest Shoes!

Announcement: I've added a bunch of links on the right side to some posts about me (because I'm full of myself that way, haha); things like my weight loss, or my closet, in case you're interested. They're posts I like.

Anyway. I really thought this outfit would look okay. But when I put it on at work (see, I don't try on my clothes the night before, I just pick out outfits and cross my fingers), I was all, "Ugh, this doesn't work. Dang."

I tried - what do you think?:
I got my hair cut after work, which is why I'm doing the "check it out" pose. I think a belt would have been better for waist definition. This skirt is just so pouffy.

The stuff:
The fab Fluevogs make another appearance.

Special Guest Shoe from Ruth!
Oh, those are so wild. Here's what she has to say (and yes, she instructed me to put the hyperlink in):

My second pair of Irregular Choices -- These are the first shoes I saw when I walked into the Schuh store. Oh MY. I adore purple and I love the iridescent glow of these shoes. Unfortunately, I was having nail issues and had to take them off half way through the day and put on my flats.

Speaking of flats, I noticed when in London that the majority of women were wearing flats--either ballet flats or boots, but always nice ones. Probably because everyone walks/takes the tube. The only time I saw someone in trainers was at the gym. Mind the gap, ladies, especially in heels!

Check out the sole detail:
Aw, a teddy bear!

Cardigan (no label, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (no label, thifted), shoes (Fluevog), necklace (Le Chateau), rhinestone stud earrings.


  1. I like this outfit! I love the skirt esp. Ok and those shoes! I would never want to walk and ruin the soles.

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head, I like the outfit, but I was thinking a belt would bring more definition to it as well. Also, your friend as a freaking awesome collection of shoes, so jealous!

  3. You know, I think the outfit is cute. But based on some of your others, is "cute" your style? I like the skirt. Do you read Imogen Lamport's blog? She has so many good ideas. I think your skirt might also look good with a slightly longer top. Just an inch or two. You can carry off the skirt because you're thin, but the horizontal stripe does have the danger of being "widening." I think a slightly longer top would add some kind of elongating effect. Not sure if that made sense. That said, I do think it's attractive just as is.

    Wow, you're so brave--just to pick out an outfit and wing it. Good for you.


  4. It's not a bad look, but I agree that something is just a tiny bit off. You know I am a fan of belts over cardis (can you 3 days out of 5 for me!!) but I feel like that would make the slim sweater/poofy skirt contrast more apparant. I think perhaps the sweater is a smidge too short on its own for the skirt. Maybe if you had a slightly longer layer (in that rust/orange color from the bottom of the skirt??) peeking out from the bottom of it, it would look better?

    Regardless, the skirt is beautiful and I love your pose today. Now give us a close-up of th new hair!

  5. I'm so glad you put those links up! And, I have to agree. It's a cute outfit, but it's not the most flattering one possible. And why not go for flattering, I say?

  6. Hello:
    I actually like the outfit. I think it would also be perfect for early fall.
    I love the the shoes. The blue is beautiful.
    Your hair looks good too. I like the length.

  7. Why don't you think it works? I think you look lovely, lady! That skirt is such fun, and I think the Fluevogs are the perfect funky touch.

  8. I think you look great, but a belt would have added a little more to the outfit. Those purple iridescent shoes are outstanding. I used to have a leather pair of pants kind of like that... YIKES! But I though they were cool at the time.

  9. fabulous skirt! i love the quirkiness of your style!

  10. To me you need another something dark on the top - the cardigan is pretty, the skirt is lovely but the two seem "disjointed" somehow. Perhaps open the sweater over a dark cami, or add a dark scarf or even a dark broach might do the trick?

    I wouldn't call it an "ugh" though!

  11. Sometimes less is best. I don't think you need a belt. I'm guilty of over accessorizing. Like Chanel said, get dressed then look in the mirror and take one thing off.

  12. Ack! Those guest shoes are so divine! I love the color, and I agree with Hillary, I would have such a hard time walking around in them for fear of ruining the adorable sole.

    Your outfit is totally cute. I'm sure you could take it up a notch, but even on you're off days you look better than most! :)

  13. Thanks, Hilary! That's the hardest thing about shoes with cool soles.

    MS, yeah, just something to contain the mid-section. I know, and she's not even my size!

    Sallymandy, I do love to indulge in a girly outfit every so often, but yeah, this skirt is a little outside my classic style. I usually do a longer top with this, actually. Thanks!

    Tina, that's such a great look - you rock it. I'm actually wearing a rust cami (great minds!) under the cardi - I tried it pulled out at the bottom, but it was too long.

    Christy, thanks! I felt so fussy in this outfit all day. Bah!

    Thanks, anon.

    Sal, it was just so fussy to wear, and I felt poochy in my stomach without a belt. I was happy with the 'Vogs, though.

    Thanks, Alison. Haha! Those pants sound awesomely bad. I had grey snakeskin pattern pants oh...about 8 years ago.

    Hi, and welcome, Adela. Thank you!

    Thanks, Christy!

    Hi, and welcome, northmoon. Agreed, which is why I added a rush-coloured cami...which you can't see because it's too low. A scarf is a great idea!

    Thanks, Sher. Nah, I'm not a "less" kind of gal, haha! I think a belt would have unified it well.

    Kaylyn, I know, they are fab. Thanks, hon!


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