Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Spring, Please!" Week - Killer Pumps

If you were to epitomize the 80s with one single fashion item of clothing, what would it be? For me, it would be killer pumps.
If I look a tad bedraggled, it's because I got soaked walking in home in the unrelenting downpour. Some sun would be nice. Just a bit. Just to get the dampness out of my bones.


But I wore blue sky on my feet!

I saw these pumps on the way home from work last week and they called to me. They are the shoes I loved all through the 80s; I had this exact shape in a bright yellow in 1985, but they were a size too small. I also had them in red canvas, black satin (with removable toe puffs), and pearlized blue plastic (those were actually murder on my feet, and man, they were sweaty, ha!). The heel heights varied slightly but the pointy-toed pump is near and dear to my heart.

All day, I had the feeling like I was in Grade 12 again, which was probably because, like my long-gone pumps, these shoes killed my feet, even with the foamy Dr. Scholl's inserts. But it wasn't nearly to the extent that my shoes destroyed my feet back in the day (memories of toes wrapped in bandaids, and bleeding heels). I have to remind myself that back then, there was nowhere near the plethora of shoes available that there is now. If you wanted the killer pumps, maybe you might only get one opportunity to ever buy them...and it might be in a size too small or too big, just so you could get them. No internet, of course, to make things easier.

Take a gander at these bad boys:
Oh, baby.

Right, the rest of the outfit. Well, I do love brown with blue, and even better is orange and blue! Especially when the richness of the orange tweed (it has tiny flecks of blue) balances the brightness of the blue. I kept the blouse simple in chocolate brown, and finally was able to wear this gorgeous neck scarf I got on holiday last summer. Love the details on this bracelet and the texture in the earrings.

Blouse (Mexx), cami (InWear), skirt (no label, consignment), shoes (Anne Michelle, consignment, $20.00), scarf (thrifted), bracelet (Lucky Brand), earrings (The Bay? Plum?)


  1. Love those blue pumps. They are exactly the perfect complement to your gorgeous skirt. I wore my blue pointy toed pumps a couple of weeks ago. Mine are actually pretty comfy, I'm sorry yours aren't as comfy.

  2. What a gorgeous colour palette esp. on your colouring. You have made me realise I want new pumps, no, I *need* blue pumps!!!!

  3. girl you look HOT!!

    I remember my first "pumps" basic black, but a 3 inch heel was ehem..hell for toadstool me!

    dont ya just love shoes??

  4. I am all about that skirt. The little pleats in the front are such a nice element.

  5. Awesome shoes! I love that blue, too. The 80's had its good points. :-)

    Great outfit.

  6. I love those pumps but you're making my feet hurt just thinking about the 80's and what I did to my poor tootsies, lol! Reminds me of a pair of metalic stilleto boots I had that I once tried to walk on cobblestone in....wasn't pretty ;)

    The orange & blue combo is almost as killer as the shoes! You look great :D

  7. Ooh, you have blue pumps too, Alison? I want to see them! Meh, it's okay that these aren't so comfy - they're a cheap brand, so I wasn't expecting miracles.

    Thanks, Mervat! Get some blue into your shoe!

    Thanks, Erin! Ha, you poor thing - yes, I do just love shoes.

    Tina, thanks - the pleats go all the way around. I love this skirt - what a find.

    Thanks, Diane!

    MM: oh yeah, some of the 80s were awesome. Some...not so much, ha! Thanks!

    Kayleigh, oh, sorry to bring back those memories! Oh dear, but nice to know I wasn't alone. Yup, I love the orange and blue together. Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks, eednic - this is my favourite outfit of last week.


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