Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gods, Harlots (Guest Shoes!) and I Feel Pretty

Okay, don't say you weren't warned. Ahead lies pictures of me in pink, miniature gods and shoes so gorgeous I nearly rubbed them on my face (hey, they were new! they had that "new shoe" smell still!). It's a long post, I'm just sayin'.

Let's get started. This marks the first Special Guest Shoe! Ruth just got back from London and as well as buying me yesterday's leggings/tights, she managed to pick up a few things for herself. She wore these to work today, and I loved them so much:

Here's what Ruth has to say about them:

My new purple suede Harlots. "Hard Hearted Harlot" is written on the soles and they have little whips hanging off the sides. Harlot shoes aren't supposed to be comfortable so I won't mention the fact that these are fabulous to walk in. Purchased at Schuh in Southampton, England, where the Titanic sailed from on her way to New York. Rose could have worn these while reclining on the sofa …
Blurry pictures from Blackberries, notwithstanding, those are some shoes. Purple suede with red stitching and laces, lime lining (!), the wrapped heel, oh my goodness. I think I have the vapours.

I was surely in a girly mood today. Pink and everything.
How I transition into Spring: I stop wearing tights and hose and wear my boots with my summery lighter weight skirts. The cotton lining creeps up when I wear it with tights, but it works great with boots and bare legs when it's warmer out.

I love this skirt. It's dusty rose cotton under the brown netting with burgundy and pink embroidery on the hem and the wide waistband (I'm not showing the waistband because the skirt is about 2 sizes too big on me; it's sitting on my hips).

A shot of the chestal region for a nice look at my Grandma J's leaf necklace (50s) and the vintage mink brooch:
I love the feel of the necklace, and I petted the brooch all day.

The stuff:
I haven't worn these boots enough this winter. They're quite thin so they are really better suited for Fall and Spring. Grandma J's bracelet as well (also from the 50s).

And now, something rather different. I've finished another figure - it has been a long time! I had nearly forgotten that I painted!

Straight out of the box, with flash and unglued parts:
Sanded, glued, primered:
Just base skin colour:
A few colours and his skirt done:
I hate this stage - it seems so far to get to the end and all the details. I put in close to 4 hours work to get from the last picture to the end result. There was at least one painting session between this one and the next that I don't seem to have documented.

"I am a very silly-looking god. I hold my weapons poorly."
"And I am a god in an uncomfortable leotard."

He kind of looks like an extra from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." I like her better, but I always like painting women more than men. These are supposed to be vaguely Egyptian. I don't know why I bought them, but they had me in the worst case of painter's block ever! I finished these on Monday, nine months after I started.

Oh, wait. They want to show you their bums.
See what I mean about the uncomfortable leotard? I did a good job on his skirt, though.

Sweater (no label, consignment), skirt (RW & Co.), boots (Roberto Vianni), necklace (Listner, vintage, Grandma J), bracelet (Trifari, vintage, Grandma J), brooch (vintage).


  1. When I first scrolled past your clothing pic today, I thought "Okay, a nice servicable outfit, but nothing to get too excited about." But then I really started looking at it. It's great!

    I wish the lighting on the skirt was a little better b/c I suspect that I would start drooling over it's black overlay with the pink peeping out. (I love meshy/lacey things.)

    And then my eye caught the necklace. Vintage fabulousness made even better by the fact that it's actually from your grandma!(Why is that is so much better than picking the same piece up in a shop? I don't know, but it is!)

    oh and then the brooch. Are you kidding me with it's minky goodness?!?! I would have been petting myself all day too.

    Anyway, this is a very long comment to say a very short thing - you look fab!

  2. Wheee! I've never heard of Harlots, but I think I'm in love.

  3. Cool shoes, but am drooling over the jewelry! Love vintage pcs, and what I do own, they are shaped like leaves also. Everything you pulled together today I love!

  4. Hey, Tina - I'm glad you took a good look; I did really like this outfit. Take a better look at the "stuff" background for detail on the skirt. The overlay is actually dark brown.

    I have a ton of vintage jewelry from both of my grandma's - if you click on the "vintage" tag, you can see some of the other stuff I've worn (and I do wear them frequently).


    Me neither, Sal, but I know I want some!

    Kaylyn, I agree!

    Sher, glad you are enjoying it - I wear a lot of vintage stuff. Thanks!

  5. I am completely digging the Uncomfortable Leotard shot! LOL You rock, my friend

  6. *is the loser guy who is more interested in figurines*

    *has crisis of identity - isn't sure if it's cooler to be drawn to women's fashions or painted women's fashions*

    Oh bother.

    ps. The captcha word verification thingy says 'myingl' - is it a provocative 'mingle' misspelt, an anagram for a shoe company, a scrabbled word I shall never claim points for or a name from a vaguely egyptian civilization that has yet to discover sensible undergarments? First my sexual identity and now this.

  7. Hey, Dishpig! Great to see you - I am probably going to create a new blog just for figures and painting, as this one has become seriously fashion-focussed.

    You're so funny - I've missed you. :)


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