Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scully in Ralph Lauren - Greys

Okay, it's a stretch, but when "fingertip" jackets were last in style (oh, around 1999), Scully wore them on "The X-Files" and I worked the bob haircut back then and fancied that I looked like her.
Woo, I should have brushed my hair, haha! Looking a little unkempt from my walk home.

This outfit was built around the shoes, which are Ralph Lauren, which I got for only $40 in a consignment shop on Saturday. Barely worn! What a steal!

Of course, I love this skirt, and now that I can go bare-legged, I don't have that clinging problem anymore.

But really, it's all about the shoes:
Dark grey patent with black grosgrain trim and a black heel. The earrings are new too.

Jacket (Ricki's), top (Lady Dutch), skirt (Le Chateau), shoes (Ralph Lauren, consignment), earrings (Jones New York).


  1. Those are possibly the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. Oh, I'll just sit here and admire!

  2. Those are f-me shoes if I've ever seen them! I bet your husband loves them. I do too! And the rest of the outfit is great too.

  3. it's always about the shoes isn't it? haha. ! *drools*

  4. Those shoes are definitely Outfit Centerpiece Shoes. Love 'em!

  5. I guess I am going to have to break from the pack and say that my fave part is the skirt! Delish. I have something along the same lines that whenever I put it on, I get attacked. In a good way. ha!

    I can see you rockin' the Scully vibe!

  6. Wow love the skirt! Awesome find on the shoes too :)

  7. Aren't they gorgeous, Mervat? I love them.

    Thanks, Christy, haha! My hubby's taste is a little different than these - but *I* like them and that's what counts.

    Oh, yes, eednic, it's all about the shoes.

    Thanks, Sal! They are indeed.

    Thanks, Tina! I love the skirt too. Ha! Good for you!

    Thanks, Sher!

  8. I'll throw in my praise of those amazing shoes, as well. For a relatively unique and specialized design, they're quite versatile with such a neutral color.

    Good stuff.

  9. Tristan! So good to see you, sweetie! Glad you like the shoes.


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