Monday, April 6, 2009

Lazy Monday - What I Wore on Saturday

On Saturday, L and I went out for lunch as usual, but stopped on the way to get me a) a new pair of runners to break in before the 10K later this month and b) a dogi or gi for aikido. Since I figured I'd be changing or removing my footwear at least once, I went for comfort on Saturday. And I liked the outfit, so I decided to repeat it today.
Not terribly exciting, but since the weather has gotten nicer, I probably won't have too many more chances to wear boots. It was actually warm enough that I did the outfit without the jacket off for part of the day:
Getting my gi was very exciting - it feels official, not like I'm just doing a class. I'll take a picture of myself in it on Wednesday (it's my Level 2 Beginners graduation) - I don't know how to tie the belt, so I need to get someone to show me tonight. It's a massive amount of fabric, very stiff, yet very comfortable and freeing.

The stuff:
Lovely boots.

I'm excited to be wearing this pin:
It's from 1985 and I've kept it all these years. I used to wear this pinned at the top of an extra-large button-down ice blue satin wrinkled (boy, that's a lot of adjectives!) shirt, with a blue tube skirt to just above the ankle. I wore swaths of fake pearl beads with it, and little kitten heel white shoes. Oh my, I was the fashion plate!

I don't think I've worn this since, so it's been 25 years!

Jacket (RW & Co.), top (Oxmo), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Le Chateau), pin (vintage 80s), earrings (Plum).


  1. I love long skirts and boots. Very nice!

  2. There is something of the frontier woman about you today - it suit syou.

  3. Sorry - that is my other google address - I meant to post the comment with this one.

  4. I like this -- the blue with the camel is really pretty, and I love the fuller, longer skirt w/boots. Your hair looks nice against the blue, too :)

  5. :ove the blouse. What a great color/colour on you!

  6. Me too, Mervat! It's a look I'm always happy to wear.

    Thanks, Jane! I felt very "frontier woman" in this.

    Thanks, Tina!

    Thanks, Kayleigh - you're so sweet. This is one of my favourite shades of blue.

    Thanks, Lain! It's actually a really light jersey (t-shirt fabric) material.


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