Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Experimentation and...Spring Gear

I must publicly thank my dear friend and coworker, Ruth, for buying me these high-trend tights while she was in London. Ruth, you're the best! Thank you!

Let it never be said that I'm not willing to take a fashion chance. However, I don't know if I'm feeling it. I'm not a fan of leggings...and these look suspiciously like leggings:
Hmm...sorry about the picture. It's sunny, so now the light is goofy. So, the leggings - I mean, tights. This is apparently a "look" in London. Yeah...I don't know.

It felt very weird to have the bottom halves of my feet exposed:
Kind of fetishises the feet (not that feet are not already fetishised), doesn't it? Look at all that toe cleavage.

I'm also just not loving this dress. It's the wrong neckline for me, makes me look boxy and I'm "meh" on the colours. After it's washed, it's going in the swap pile.

The stuff:
I hauled these shoes out of the spring shoes (buried deep in the back of my closet). I guess it's time to clean out my closet and put away most of my wintery things (ie. my boots). Boo...I love my boots. I'm going to wear them as much as I can first, though.

And...speaking of spring, this is what I wear most days when it's not raining (click here to see what I wear in the cold weather):
I walk to and from work most days (it's about 40 min each way), so I gear up, pack all my clothes, shoes and accessories into my backpack, along with my gigantic lunch, plug in my mp3 player, and I'm good to go. Love my Alice Cooper t-shirt from last fall's concert, and naturally, I have my make-up on.
Don't forget the tea!

Dress (Le Chateau), tights (Tabio, gift from Ruth), shoes (Miz Mooz), necklace (Caracol), ring (Mexican silver), silver hoop earrings.


  1. Hi Sheila I'm with you there on footless tights, they look good on most girls under 20 but I think they've had their day. It doesn't suit the dress but I think the dress is awesome and would be even more awesome with black opaques and black boots. I'm excited that here in Aus it will be cold soon so we can wear boots for the next couple of months.

  2. Hi Sheila I'm with you there on footless tights, they look good on most girls under 20 but I think they've had their day. It doesn't suit the dress but I think the dress is awesome and would be even more awesome with black opaques and black boots. I'm excited that here in Aus it will be cold soon so we can wear boots for the next couple of months.

  3. Aw, look how cute you look! I like that you tried that bold dress and the new "tights". I think you looked really cute, but it is certainly bold. I am loving your hair as it is growing out, it is very cute short and long. It would be nice to be able to walk to work. Hopefully, next week I'm going to start walking at lunch. I wanted to start this week, but I'm filling in as there is a huge deadline tomorrow and haven't been able to take any major breaks in the middle of the day.

  4. I think it's awesome that you walk to and from work when you can! Keep it up girl! I don't know about the leggings either. . . I love the dress though!

  5. I love your walking to work look! My walk isn't far so I just stay in work clothes and thow on walking flats. As for the outfit, I really like the dress a lot. The tights...well, I think they aren't bad, it's just not the rage here.

  6. Hi Sheila, your blog reminds me of the years when I lived in Vancouver. I used to walk to work too. From corner of Denman and Robson to the Harbour Center. Took me 30 min to get there (back streets) and about an hour to walk back (Robson route + window shopping). Good memories!
    The tights... I really don't know. I'd wear them with boots but then you could just wear normal hose... Tough thing to incorporate in one's wardrobe.

  7. The footless tights thing is definitely 'hot' here in England, can't walk two yards without seeing someone sporting shorts, footless tights and flats. I agree with the other sandrabollocks that the dress would look great with black tights and boots.

  8. For what it's worth, I like both the tights AND the dress on you. But a girl's gotta be comfy ... so I don't blame you for considering this an experiment and moving on. ;)

  9. What I say? at least ya tried. Last time I tried this look with black leggins my man asked if I was going out wearing those? My son laughed..so....
    I've worn colored leggins...ie green with more success than gray or black.
    Love the dress thou...very pretty!

  10. Hi, sandra/Anon, and welcome. I think maybe I am too old for this trend! I've done the dress with black tights and boots before so was trying to get a different look for it. It's a little limiting.

    Thanks, Alison - I had to at least try it out. Oh, thanks for the hair compliment. It's getting long! Good luck with your walking plans!

    Thanks, Lmac!

    Hillary, thanks - I love being able to walk to work. Yeah, I'm thinking the tights will not be a frequent feature.

    Hi, and welcome, Tanya! I love Vancouver (have never lived there), and I do love the shopping on Robson! Yup, and the grey is a hard colour for me, too.

    Hi, Spiragirl! Welcome! Good to know I'm in fashion in at least one country, haha! I've done that look with the dress before, which is why I'm going to swap it away - too limiting!

    Thanks, Sal! Did I mention the tights are hip-huggers? I had muffin top all day...

  11. Not too crazy about the footless tights, but I think the dress is cute!

    Glad you showed how you get to work each day. That's cool!

    As for the other day posting... what about a theme week where you rework some of your least favorite outfits. You've had a few recently that you were not too fond of, but many of us loved.

  12. I would have to agree about the tights - I don't particularly care for them. But I totally applaud you for trying them out!

    I am super impressed and jealous that you walk to work. I really just need to do, I guess. But it is way too hot here most of the year to walk or bike to work. I would have to shower when I got here, which sadly is not an option. But right now it might not be too hot. hmmm. Maybe I'll ride my bike next week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. LOL! Toe Cleavage! I like the dress on you, think again about keeping it. If not....I'll see what I can swap with you :)


  14. Thanks, Lain! I don't know that I'd want to revisit some of my least favourite outfits - I try to block them out and never repeat them (or get rid of the pieces!), haha!

    Why don't you pick one that you liked and I'll give it a shot?

    Tina, I had to try, right? Live and learn!

    I love walking to work - I always dress lighter than the weather calls for so that I don't overheat (I don't really care on the way home, and it's always cooler in the morning). I hope you ride your bike!

    Sher, if you interested, it's yours - I will trade you.


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