Monday, April 27, 2009

Lazy Monday in Red & Grey

This is the same outfit I wore on Saturday to go shopping, only I wore flats then, and my jean jacket. I liked it so much, I'm wearing it again, only with the new (to me) shoes I bought and a jacket.
I wore the jacket only a little bit, as I was (finally) warm enough in my thin sweater.
The stuff:
Picked up the shoes at a thrift store where profits go to women in need. The shoes are Fioni, which I think is one of Payless' lines - they were barely worn and were only $12.

The ring is also new:
I liked it so much, I bought one for Daisy for her birthday.

Jacket (RW & Co.), sweater (Plum), skirt (Odd Molly, consignment), shoes (Fioni, thrifted), white gold hoop earrings and ring.


  1. Lovely Sheila! Just love grey and red and that ring is very pretty!

  2. Beautiful skirt pattern. Looks really nice on you.

  3. very classy. I love that skirt the colors are some of my favorites. I am loving thrifting. I just picked up a J Crew Collection 100% cashmere cardi from the Fall 08 collection. Stunning orange in color. Funny thing is, I was ready to fork over the whole $16 they were asking for it but then turns out it was 1/2 off!! What a bargain for a high quality thick cashmere sweater! I wonder how much it was originally.

  4. Such a fun print on that skirt.

  5. Thanks, Mervat! I was pleased with the outfit.

    Thanks, sallymandy!

    Alison, thanks. Score on the cashmere! It probably sold for close to $100, I'd guess.

    Thanks, Christy!

    Tina, me too. It's so cool.


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