Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leg Tattoos and A Shiny Top - And Another Guest Shoe

For those of you who can't see detail in my pictures, I am sorry - the lighting in my house is not the greatest and when I use the flash on my camera, I hate the way it looks (all glare-y). If you haven't noticed, my "stuff" background is nearly always one of the articles of clothing (yesterday's was the skirt some of you couldn't see very well in the full shot).

Anyway, on to today:
I wanted to wear this vintage top again, and because it's pretty shiny and colourful, I kept with nice ol' neutral black. But of course, a girl's got to have fun, so I wore these "leg tattoo" nylons:
They go right up the sides of both legs. Fun!

Vintage flexible gold cuff (filched from Mom's jewelry box around 1984), and my Avon filigree earrings. The JLo shoes keep everything grounded in 2009.

Special Guest Shoe courtesy of Ruth again: the Green Suede IC Cortesan Floral from Irregular Choice:
Very Emerald City. Ruth says, "Irregular Choice, probably my favourite shoe brand. Yes, even over Fluevog, but by a very slim margin. Someone has actually put some thought into these shoes. Some imagination!

Again, purchased at Schuh in Southampton, England. Schuh is *amazing* …. This is no Aldo, ladies. Truly an orgasmic experience (am I allowed to say that?) surpassed only by the actual Irregular Choice shoe store in London. A whole store of Irregular Choice shoes -- and for men too (cobalt blue glitter OMG!) ...

These shoes are not only a fabulous iridescent colour, but extremely comfortable. I love the soles and I loved the box they came in so much I brought two home in my suitcase (yes, I have another pair of [possibly even more amazing] Irregular Choice shoes waiting in the wings) -- I use really good shoe boxes to store accessories etc in my closet and these are fab pull-out boxes with a reinforced finger hole (not the boring top-lid type). And they've got little robots on them :) Doesn't get much better than that."

She also notes that someone wrote on the box, "Sorry. I love you X."

Lurking in the corner of my picture was Othello:
He looks furious. I'd better feed him.

Cardigan (Vero Moda), top ("Style Rite Blouse Co.", vintage), skirt (Kensie), shoes (JLo), bracelet (Mom's, vintage), earrings (Avon).


  1. Those shoes are seriously making my mouth water...amazing!!! P.s. I love your tattoo tights, awesome!

  2. The tattoo tights are a scream! So fun.

    And I've admired Irregular Choice shoes for ages, but never bought a pair. Glad to hear they can be comfy as well as fabulous!

  3. Did people ask you if you got a new tattoo??? I wore some like this and got that comment all day.

    And the shoes..Orgasmic is right!

  4. Love the tatoo tights! Great for those of us who change our minds ;)

  5. LOVE the tights. And Ruth's shoes are making me insane with jealousy!
    They are so beautiful! I can't wait to see more of what she got!

  6. MS - aren't they fab? I'm so jealous. The tights are actually super sheer nylons.

    Thanks, Sal. I need to get a pair of Irregular Choice!

    Erin, a few people wondered, ha!

    Yes, exactly, Sher!

    Same here, Kaylyn!


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