Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When an Outfit Goes Terribly Wrong

I was going to call this outfit "When a Good Outfit Goes Wrong" until I realized that this isn't a good outfit. This seemed fine when I put everything together last night.

Chicks, this is why you should always try outfits on the night before, before you pack them in your knapsack to take them to work:
I look like a demented superhero. This jacket is my kryptonite. I want to love it (I love the colour, I love the cut) but it's just Not Right For Me. It's going in the swap/consign pile, along with a couple of other cropped/swing jackets that I love but are Not Right For Me.

To be fair, most of the pieces on their own are fine. The tights are actually teal, not Superman Blue. The Stinky Boots are funktastic (the kryptonite effect of the jacket is that they are making my legs look stumpy and large in the calf!) in any other outfit. The dress is adorable. The jewelry is cool. The belt is All Kinds of Wrong with this (another kryptonical side-effect of the jacket).


And I had to wear this all day. Every time I came back from the washroom, I saw myself reflected in the glass door to our department. Every time I went, "Ack! This is so bad!"

The stuff:
Great Abercrombie & Fitch leather belt, cloisonne necklace and bracelet. Pretty teal bangles. BAD JACKET. Bad!

To Whatever Powers That Be, let tomorrow's outfit be better.

Jacket (Vero Moda), dress (Expressions), tights (Hue), boots (some cheapass brand), belt (Abercrombie & Fitch, consignment), necklace (gift from mother-in-law), bangle (gift from Mom), teal bangles (vacation purchase).


  1. Now, this outfit really isn't THAT bad. Your story about it, however, was very entertaining! :)

  2. Okay so it's not awful bad, but I know how can it be when the outfits we imagine in our heads never come out right. Then you're self conscious all day and uncomfortable. It's too bad about the jacket :-(

  3. We all have days like that - check out my October 20th 2008 where I look like a demented Trekkie!

  4. Gotta agree with the other commenters: Don't think this is AS bad as you felt. But I certainly know the feeling of assembling an ensemble and then arriving at work only to realize that it's not at ALL how you envisioned it!

  5. No guts, no glory. I put together an outfit that looked like a Jedi knight last week. I haven't been brave enough to blog it yet. Perhaps I should...

  6. Ahahahahaha.

    Oh sweetie, I don't think it is as bad as you think it was, but by all means never wear it again!~


  7. I know this feeling..I rarely pick my outfits the night before..I am a fly by the seat of my pants(skirt) kinda girl. I know how your feel, walking on the edge of a costume feeling. Keep up the otherwise STUNNING outfits!

  8. I keep cracking up at northerners who wear a different outfit to work and get dressed at the office. Its such an ailen lifestyle! Living in the south and commuting in my car for miles because we have no adequate public transport, I get dressed and wear the "commute" outfit in the office.

    Yesterday, I changed at least 5 times before leaving the house. I cannot imagine how bad I would have felt in the first incarnation yesterday's outfit.

    That being said, this was not a bad look. Remove the tights and boots and replace them with shoes and maybe patterned neutral it would look great. The top half worked well in the photo.

  9. First, let me say you are all far too kind!

    Christy, thanks and welcome!

    Hillary, yes, that's just it - it was all planned perfectly in my head. How could it have gone so wrong?

    Jane, oh my god, I'm the one who said you looked Trekkie! I feel so bad. But you have to laugh...(I hope).

    Sal, I'm usually so good with these things - it's very troubling to have it go sideways on me.

    Thanks, Cat! Please, if Jane and I can share our bad outfits...

    Thanks, WWWYG. Believe me, this outfit will not be seen again!

    Erin, this is why I plan...and generally, it works.

    Lain, I'm not sure what you mean by northerners - I'm Canadian. And I am not typical AT ALL of people I know - I change when I get to work because I walk to work and it's a long way! Thanks for the suggestions. :)

  10. LOL! Northerner = anyone living north of Dallas, TX (USA). I am in Houston, so its really anyone north of Conroe is a "northerner" (we consider Dallas north), but most people outside Texas don't know where that it.

    I also follow Kashmira's blog and she sometimes dresses for work at work, but I think that she tries on clothes, then takes them off to commute and redresses at work.

  11. Lain, I think you should only count people in your own country, haha. I'm familiar with Texas - do you know where Vancouver is?

    Kasmira tries stuff on on the weekend, then puts her commuting stuff on overtop of her work clothes. But she takes the bus, whereas I'm out in the weather - my work clothes are not appropriate for that.


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