Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Purple and Pattern

I'm having an off week. I'm tired, not feeling creative with my clothes...I just want the weekend to be here, already!
I love this skirt, but it's going to have to be a "no hose" skirt. It's mostly cotton and it clings to my tights something awful. I had bunchy crotch all day. Other than that, I liked this outfit a lot: the soft purple sleeveless cashmere sweater, the pattern of the skirt, the purple tights, the funky flats and the soft blazer.

Shoes and earrings (and dig the pattern on the skirt - isn't that awesome?):
Forgot to include the brooch (new!) in my accessories shot:
Last time I wore these stripey tights, you couldn't see the colour or the pattern very well. This is accurate on both counts.
And most of it had faded by the time I got in the house, but check out the magnificent sunset!
"Red at night, sailor's delight" - should be a lovely day tomorrow.

Blazer (RW & Co.), sweater (Daniel Bishop), skirt (Le Chateau), tights (Hue), shoes (Wild Diva), brooch (Plum), earrings (Jones New York).


  1. Love the tights! And "bunchy crotch" is the worst--it keeps me from layering a lot of my summery dresses for winter. :/

  2. Very cute. The skirt reminds me of one I have. Mine is more gray and bloby. I'll have to try it with colorful tights and a black top.

  3. I hate it when the skirt bunches, but I do love the skirt and those tights are awesome.

  4. I love the print of this great!

  5. THIS is what an off week looks like? Eesh.

  6. I'm feeling the same way this week. I blame the crappy weather here for it.
    That skirt is awesome, I love the pattern! Also the tights are neat. I need to find some vertical stripe tights.

  7. How tragic that you won't be wearing the skirt and tights together. I love the paisley pattern over purple tights. I also have a problem skirt that clings to tights like nobody's business. Got any solutions? I've considered replacing the lining or getting a longer slip.

    How did you wear the brooch? I couldn't see it in the main pic.

  8. I've had a similar problem, and a bit of static gaurd and a half slip seems to solve the problem!

  9. I've had the same problem with some of my skirts and tights, and had some good results from the addition of a slip. I feel a little granny-ish (I don't know why but I associate slips with old ladies), but it does help :)

  10. Note to all: thanks so much for your suggestions of a slip - I totally would go that (or a half-slip) except that the skirt has a slit up the back. Frankly, I do associate a bit of lace peeping through a slit in a skirt as being very "old lady". I just won't do it.

    Erica: but then you have all these clothes you've missed so much. Sometimes it's nice to have some clothes "on reserve" for a few months. Makes you appreciate them.

    Alison: give it a shot! I'd love to see it.

    Thanks, Hillary and V!

    Sal: Yeahhhh...feeling lazy. Not much pre-planning, mostly "night before" stuff.

    Leigh-Anna: Aw...sorry to hear that. Warning about stripey tights: they tend to twist around and then they don't look so good.

    Cat: I could probably have a lining put in the skirt (it doesn't have one, that's why it's so clingy)...but you know, I only paid $29.99 for it. Once the weather is warmer, I'll be fine with bare legs (and lots of self-tanner).

    I wore the brooch on my right lapel.

    Cara: Thanks and welcome! As I noted, the slit in the skirt means visible slip. Static isn't the problem - it's that the skirt isn't lined at all.

    Goober: See above. I have no issues with slips - they can be a wonderfully warm way to layer and still feel pretty, but I hate having my underwear show!


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