Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special Occasion - Theatre with Mom

Mom and I did dinner and theatre last night - we saw Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing". I really liked it. I love doing a special evening out with Mom. And she agreed to be a Special Guest Star:
Doesn't she look great?

I'm wearing my birthday dress from last October, with my black shrug, same fishnets as I wore during the day, and the Stinky Boots. The accessories:
I wore the pin to hold the shrug to the dress. I adore that bag; it's so beautiful. That's Mom's vintage Coro bracelet (she tells me she thinks it was a gift from one of her students in 1964-65).

My V-Day card from Mom:
Heh, notice how the shoes and boots are my "loved ones". She knows me so well. Kudos to Lovely Nieces Zoe and Hanna who provided help on what Mom should put on the card. Awesome.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's Day! Remember, if you don't have someone to love, love yourself.

Dress (Maggie London), shrug (gah, can't remember), boots (some cheap brand), hose (Hue), pin (Plum), bracelet (Coro, Mom's), ring (Melanie Lynne), bag (Spencer & Rutherford, gift from L). On Mom: blouse (Bianca Nygard), pants (Chloe or Ricki's, I think), shoes (Aerosoles).


  1. Ah, you both look great. I love the details in your Mom's blouse and the pattern of your dress, very pretty.

  2. Such a nice pic of you & your mom. Now we can all see where you get your great smile and good looks!

  3. Notsupermom: sorry, I accidently deleted your comment (DawnB had a duplicate and I forgot I'd ticked yours for publishing).

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Alison: Mom and I have a long history of shopping together. I love that blouse on her.

    Thanks, DawnB! Yeah, I do look a lot like her.

  4. You guys are adorable and that card is perfect! I agree, the purse is beautiful.^_^

  5. Thanks, Leigh-Anna. Mom's the best.

    Thanks, Cat!


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