Monday, February 2, 2009

Brown...Playing with Textures and Patterns

Today just felt like a brown sort of day - well, it is Monday - so I mixed all sorts of shades and textures and patterns in this outfit.
I like the pattern of the shirt with the soft plaid of the vest. I had to use the bow to hide my er...cleavage, since I forgot to pack a cami to wear under this rather sheer shirt. Oops. I don't think anyone noticed!

I'm also wearing a fun pair of knee-highs (that is such a fuddy-duddy old lady name for such un-fuddy-duddy hose!). They left a cross-hatched pattern on my calves when I took them off.
Love the faux croc shoes - these are such a lovely classic shape. Here's a shot of all the patterns and accessories (I realized after I took the pictures that I'd forgotten to put my earrings back in in the first photo...oh, yes, it is Monday).
Blouse (Louben), vest (Vero Moda), pants (Mac & Jac), belt (Plum), shoes (Jessica Simpson), earrings (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. Love the knee-highs - and I totally would've looked all cross-hatchy too. Oh, we of the sensitive skin ...

  2. Very cute shoes!! (I might get in some shoe shopping tomorrow! Maybe I'll find some leopard print ones...)

  3. I love this! The tie shirt looks great with the vest, especially with the pattern against the texture. Great outfit!

    I never realize I'm in pain from some of my tights till I get home and see the squeeze marks they leave....

  4. It's funny, I tend to hesitate over funky knee-highs...but I guess if all you guys like them I should try them more often.

    Alison: I want to see pics of any shoes you get!

    Thanks, Erica! I try not to allow my tights to pain me.

  5. Love this! And those knee-highs are AWESOME.

  6. Love the pattern of the knee highs. Do they really stay up "high" because my knee highs and thigh highs always seem to end up as ankle highs....

  7. Well, I'll send you pictures, but you can't laugh. I ended up getting a pair of Keen Hybrids for my Event days this summer. I have to be on my feet for 12 - 14 hours and my feet were killing me last summer. So, practicality won today. I didn't have time to do much shopping. Bummer!

  8. Thanks, Goober!

    Lady D - yeah, they stay up fine. I don't do thigh highs...not my thing.

    Alison - looking forward to seeing the new shoes! Practicality is good. :)

  9. Hi, I'm new, reading your archives - I just have to say that at first I thought the knee-highs were part of the shoe. So cool!

  10. Thanks, Julia, and welcome! I actually tossed those knee-highs a while ago (they got all snagged).


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