Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green and Houndstooth

Still working my way through the new and new-to-me stuff in my closet (I'm down to one pair of earrings and a scarf!). The new-to-me is the necklace, which I got in the swap with my dear friend, Caro. You can't really see much of it in the photo, but it's there. Edited for Cat - here's a picture of it on. I hauled this blouse out of the wash for you and am posting my wrinkly neck! Yes, that's a bear head in the background.

This is my favourite kind of outfit: comfy (really, it is!), chic and flattering. And you can't go wrong with a houndstooth plaid.

I don't know if it's really "out there" - is it? I did get a few looks, ha!

The killer shoes:
I love the necklace - it's so pretty - but it's a really tricky one to pull off. It doesn't quite work as a dressy necklace (like, with a dress or a very formal outfit or an open neckline), but it's a little fussy worn as a layering piece. I compromised by just having it peeking out at the neckline.

Vest (Esprit), blouse (Esprit), skirt (Nygard Collection, consignment), hose (Hue), shoes (JLo), necklace (gift from Caro), crystal stud earrings


  1. today, you were a bright spot in my frenetic day! The skirt is so versatile.

  2. I do love me some houndstooth ... and am consistently impressed by your towering heels.

  3. Love this! I adore black & white with a pop of color...and that green looks lovely on you :)

  4. I see you're working one of my favorite (of yours-lol) shoes. And i love your skirt. I have something similar, but i need to do a bit of alteration before i can wear it. And you look Fab. as always!

  5. Thanks, Bonnie!

    Me too, Sal. I'm very careful with my feet, though. They get much massaging and rubbing after work, so that my tendons don't seize up on me.

    Thanks, Kayleigh! The green colour finally photographed right.

    Lady D - I knew you loved these. I think of you when I pull out my bigass heels. Thanks so much!

  6. I wish we could have seen the necklace better with the rest of the outfit. It's lovely, but I have a hard time picturing it from your description. Great skirt!

  7. For you, I posted a picture. I'll try to do shots where the accessories can be seen, henceforth, milady.


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